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FW: Cassandra King Here [Montgomery Tomorrow!

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  • Amos J Wright
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      Subject: Cassandra King Here Tomorrow!

      The Capitol Book Newsletter
      Monday, April 30, 2007
      Today's Contents:
      1. Cassandra King Tomorrow!
      2. Why? Because we love you!
      3. Upcoming
      Cassandra King Here Tomorrow!
      We are very pleased that Cassandra King,  one of Capitol Book's - and
      Montgomery's - alltime favorites, will be here TOMORROW, MAY 1 at 4 PM
      to sign copies of her brand new book, Queen of Broken Hearts. The
      reviewers have loved this one, which is set on the Alabama coast (OK,
      it's set in Fairhope) and tells the story of Clare, a divorce coach
      whose advice helps everybody except herself. Then along comes Lex, a 
      charismatic, charming, burly sea captain who has marital problems of his
      own, and soon....
      This one is Cassandra King at her best. Please come tomorrow and meet
      this beloved writer and get your very own signed copy....not just of the
      new book, but her old favorites, too: Making Waves, The Sunday Wife, and
      The Same Sweet Girls.
      Queen of Broken Hearts is hardcover, $24.95. The others are all in
      paperback, $14. As always, we'll be happy to get books signed for you if
      you can't make it to the store tomorrow. Just let us know!
      IMPORTANT NOTE: Mother's Day is May 13, and this one would make a very
      nice gift for Mom, even if she's not going through a divorce, or
      carrying on with a burly sea captain.
      You say you missed the Alabama Book Festival?
      Well, it was great, and at least 3 times bigger than last year, but
      still, not everybody came, and if that includes you, and if you'd still
      like to get autographed copies of some of the featured books, it just so
      happens we can help you out. We still have signed copies of the
      Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays - Somebody is Going to Die if Lily
      Beth Doesn't Catch That Bouquet
      Nathalie Dupree - Shrimp and Grits Cookbook and Nathalie Dupree's
      Southern Memories and New Southern Cooking
      Robert Olen Butler - Severance
      Julia Spencer-Fleming - All Mortal Flesh
      Elizabeth Dewberry - His Lovely Wife
      Ravi Howard - Like Trees Walking
      James O. Born - Field of Fire
      Shelley Mickle - Barbaro and The Assigned Visit
      Sidney Thompson - Sideshow
      Jennifer Paddock - Point Clear and The Secret Word
      Mary Saums - Thistle and Twigg
      John Jeter - And the Angels Sang
      Sena Jeter Naslund - Abundance and  Ahab's Wife (paperback only)
      ....and a few others, who were not at the Festival:
      Harlan Coben - The Woods
      Carol O'Connell - Find Me
      Doug Marlette - Magic Time
      An Upcoming Event
      May 10 - David Rose The Big Eddy Club: The Stocking Stranglings and
      Southern Justice
      David Rose is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, and has worked for
      The Guardian, The Observer, and the BBC. This book is a fascinating
      study of the Stocking Stranglings in Columbus, Georgia in the mid 1970s,
      and of the man accused and convicted of the killings. But did he really
      do it? You don't want to miss this one!
      Cheryl and Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      Voice 334.265.1473
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