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Daily Dose: Ahab's Wife [by Ala.'s Sena Jeter Naslund]

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      Today's Dose is reviewed by Marie from Baytown, Texas

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      "Ahab's Wife"
      by Sena Jeter Naslund

      "Naslund has taken the notion of this character, this unknown
      woman who we would presume is merely waiting and watching for
      the fabled whaler Ahab to return, and fleshed her into an amazing
      person in her own right, living in a fully formed world of hardy
      survivors....What has stayed with me most about this novel is
      the inspiration of people who are fulfilling their potential despite
      harsh circumstances and societal pressures."

      "Captain Ahab was neither my first husband nor my last." This
      is destined to be remembered as one of the most-recognized first
      sentences in literature -- along with "Call me Ishmael." Sena
      Jeter Naslund has created an entirely new universe with a transcendent
      heroine at its center who will be every bit as memorable as Captain

      "Ahab's Wife" is a novel on a grand scale that can legitimately
      be called a masterpiece: beautifully written, filled with humanity
      and wisdom, rich in historical detail, authentic and evocative.
      Melville's spirit informs every page of her tour de force. Una
      Spenser's marriage to Captain Ahab is certainly a crucial element
      in the narrative of Ahab's Wife, but the story covers vastly more
      territory. After a spellbinding opening scene, the tale flashes
      back to Una's childhood in Kentucky; her idyllic adolescence with
      her aunt and uncle's family at a lighthouse near New Bedford;
      her adventures disguised as a cabin boy on a whaling ship; her
      first marriage to a fellow survivor who descends into violent
      madness; courtship and marriage to Ahab; life as mother and a
      rich captain's wife in Nantucket; involvement with Frederick Douglass;
      and a man who is in Nantucket researching his novel about his
      adventures on her ex-husband's ship.

      "Ahab's Wife" is a breathtaking, magnificent, and uplifting story
      of one woman's spiritual journey, informed by the spirit of the
      greatest American novel, but taking it beyond tragedy to redemptive

      "[A] genuine epic of America: an inspired homage to one of our
      greatest writers that brilliantly reinterprets, and in many ways
      rivals, his masterpiece."
      -- Kirkus Reviews

      "An intense treat, powerfully written, Ahab's Wife is one of the
      best contemporary novels I have read in years."
      -- Louise Erdrich

      "Beautifully written. Lyrical...alluring and wise."
      -- Los Angeles Times

      "A complex and sophisticated book, brilliantly written, beautifully
      -- Booklist

      Sena Jeter Naslund is Writer in Residence at the University of
      Louisville, program director of the Spalding University brief-residency
      MFA in Writing, and current Kentucky Poet Laureate. Recipient
      of the Harper Lee Award and the Southeastern Library Association
      Fiction Award, she is editor of The Louisville Review and the
      Fleur-de-Lis Press. She is the author of the novels "Ahab's Wife,"
      "Four Spirits," and "Sherlock in Love" and a collection of stories,
      "The Disobedience of Water." She lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

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