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_Window in Time, Dale Co., 1860_ [new book]

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  • Amos J Wright
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      Subject: Re: Dale County Book

        Questions regarding the "Window in Time, Dale Co. 1860" was forwarded to me by my friend Ceya Minder.
      The book is a house by household list of Dale County AL census with notes gathered over the years set out to the side.  Some of the sources were verbal taken during the 1960's when I was working on the first Watford Family book as well as the usual sources of Cemetery records, marriage records and ect;
          The "Window" is of free persons living in Dale County in 1860.  The book is spiral bound, 220 pages.  It
      contains a short history of the county, a few old maps and two indexes, one for the census the other for the
      notes.  It sell for $35.00 - I have been sending them out of town Priority Mail $4.50.  Please let me know soon if I need to put your name on one.
      Thanks again
      Sarah Fowler
      P.O. Box 5
      Cowarts, AL 36321

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