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FW: [Surfnetkids: 07 Feb 2007] Rosa Parks

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      [Surfnetkids Free Newsletter] Rosa Parks


      From: Barbara J. Feldman [mailto:newsletter@...]
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      Subject: [Surfnetkids: 07 Feb 2007] Rosa Parks


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      #1. February 7, 2007

      Barbara J. FeldmanDear Reader,

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      #3. Rosa Parks

      by Barbara J. Feldman

      Rosa Parks Printable (** for premium members only)

      On December 1, 1955, African-American Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give her bus seat to a white passenger. One year later, on December 20, 1956, the U.S. Supreme Court declared segregated bus seating illegal. During that year, the forty-two year Montgomery seamstress lead a peaceful bus boycott that became a model for other civil rights protests.

      Academy of Achievement : Rosa Parks Profile
      Get face-to-face with Rosa Parks in my pick-of-the-day site from the Academy of Achievement . The biography and photo gallery are both excellent, but my favorite clicks are the Parks interview (available in text, audio or video) and the Black History Month lesson plans (look in the left-hand column under Teachers.) You'll find plenty of other heroes to browse while you are here. Look for the list of Academy of Achievement honorees that are related to Parks, and further down the sidebar you'll see a list of the most popular.

      Montgomery Bus Boycott: The Story of Rosa Parks
      In the months before Parks refused to give her bus seat to a white man, several other black women had also been arrested for similar incidents. Why was it Park's refusal that lead to the Montgomery bus boycott? Learn more about the boycott and its place in the civil rights movement in this online special published by the Montgomery Advertiser newspaper. Best click is the interactive time line (covering from 1954 to 1957) with embedded video clips.

      Parks Institute: Rosa Louise Parks Biography
      "Mrs. Parks was born Rosa Louise McCauley, February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee , Alabama . She was the first child of James and Leona Edwards McCauley." In 1987, Parks established The Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute to carry on her work encouraging youth to "reach their highest potential." Visit the Institute web page for her biography, a time line of her life, and to learn about the Pathways to Freedom program that teaches the history of American civil rights.

      ... to continue reading, visit Surfnetkids: Rosa Parks.

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      #5. Note from a Reader

      Thank you for giving me permission to use information on Beethoven from your site! I am very thankful, because I had to get this permission to be in the technology fair competition, or I would have been disqualified. I promise to credit you as I was asked.
      Thanks again,
      Olivia Aldridge

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      #6. Related Games

      Rosa Parks Word Search

      Printable Rosa Parks Word Search
      http://www.surfnetkids.com/printables/Word_Searches/rosa_parks-ws.pdf (** for premium members only)

      Martin Luther King Crossword

      (Learn how to make kids games just like these with my How to Add Games to Your Site step-by-step manual.)

      #7. Related Video

      Rosa Parks in Her Own Words

      Rosa Parks Tribute

      #8.Quote of the Week

      "It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?" Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862) American naturalist and author

      Click here for more on Henry David Thoreau.

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