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Ala. novelist Frank Turner Hollon in Montgomery tomorrow

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  • Amos J Wright
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      The Capitol Book Newsletter
      Friday, February 2, 2007
      Today's Contents:
      1. Frank Turner Hollon Here Tomorrow
      2. A Neighborhood Leap Forward
      3. Upcoming Events
      Frank Turner Hollon
      Baldwin County native Frank Turner Hollon is quietly becoming one of the
      most popular writers in these parts. His Point of Fracture made several
      Best-of-2006 lists, including our customers' Favorite Reads list, and
      his new novel, blood and circumstance, has just been published to
      outstanding early reviews.
      Here's the brief synopsis: a guy kills his brother, and perhaps it's
      justifiable, so they get a psychiatrist to interview the guy, and
      this novel is told as a series of transcripts of these sessions.
      Publishers Weekly says it "(reads) like an offbeat criminal justice
      version of "My Dinner With Andre."
      Booklist says "this is a chilling story full of unexpected twists and
      We say it's different from nearly anything you've read before, and we
      say you really ought to come meet Frank HERE AT THE STORE TOMORROW,
      SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3 FROM 1-3 PM. He'll be happy to sign copies of the
      new book, which is a $23 hardcover, and we'll also have copies of last
      year's Point of Fracture in paperback, $13.
      Louisa's Bakery Opens!
      The long neighborhood wait is over! Louisa's Bakery has finally opened
      just around the corner from us, in that little strip mall on Woodley
      Road right there next to Jubilee's parking lot. Folks, this is world
      class baking, and unlike anything Montgomery has ever seen. If we were
      you, we'd check out the menu on the website, and then maybe rethink our
      Super Bowl eating plans, and then go by there.
      Fresh bread baked on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Pastries, desserts,
      lunches! Unbelievable! Tell 'em we sent you.
      Upcoming Events
      Call this a heads-up, but start planning for these great writers Coming
      Friday, Feb. 9, 2-3 PM: Mary Anna Evans with her new book, Effigies
      Monday, Feb. 12, 11:30 - 1:30: Julia Spencer-Fleming with her new book,
      All Mortal Flesh
      Monday, Feb. 12, 11:30 - 1:30: Denise Hamilton with her new book,
      Prisoner of Memory
      Thursday, Feb. 22 at 7:30 PM Pulitzer Prize-Winner Doug Marlette 
      Saturday, April 21 ALL DAY LONG: THE ALABAMA BOOK FESTIVAL down at Old
      Alabama Town. More than 50 great writers from all over the country!
      Cheryl and Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      Voice 334.265.1473
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