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CrossRoads: A Southern Culture Annual 2006

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  • Amos J Wright
    At least one item [#29] with an Alabama connection...publisher s blurb is at http://www.mupress.org/webpages/books/crossroads_order.html -- ajwright@uab.edu
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      At least one item [#29] with an Alabama connection...publisher's blurb
      is at
      http://www.mupress.org/webpages/books/crossroads_order.html --

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      Subject: Table of Contents: CrossRoads: A Southern Culture Annual 2006


      CrossRoads: A Southern Culture Annual 2006

      Edited by Ted Olson

      Mercer University Press

      (1-800-637-2378, ext. 2880,


      Publication Date: January 2007


      1. David Gold, "Southerners Anonymous" [essay]

      2. Anna Sunshine Ison, "Open Your Mouth and Remove All Doubt" [memoir]

      3. Carly Sachs, "Scar Tissue" [poem]

      4. Ron Rash, "The Far and the Near" [short story]

      5. Ron Rash, "The Retired Preacher" [poem]

      6. Jim Clark, "Preacher Malone Considers, Someways, the Lilies of the
      Field" [poem]

      7. Tammy Wilson, "When the Spirit Moved Us" [short story]

      8. Roger Sharpe, "What Color is Vermilion?" [essay]

      9. Nancy Gregory McLendon, "Sylvia's Story" [essay]

      10. Edwin C. King, "Daddy and Dudley" [memoir]

      11. Kyes Stevens, "The Burying" [poem]

      12. Hugh M. (Max) Thomason, "Memories of a Georgia Convict Camp"

      13. Mark Allan Jackson, "Angola Blues: The Prison Songs of Robert Pete
      Williams" [essay]

      14. Randall Horton, "Working Overtime at Bryant Chapel AME" [poem]

      15. Thomas Aiello, "Jim Crow Ordained: White and Black Christianity in
      the Civil Rights South" [essay]

      16. James E. Cherry, "Emmitt Till (after all these years)" [poem]

      17. Maureen E. Torpey, "Cultural Conservation: The Influence of the
      Irish Literary Revival on the Harlem Renaissance" [essay]

      18. Michael Newton, "Celticity in the Old South" [essay]

      19. Andrew Walters, "Rebels and Kin: Modern Nationalism in Scotland and
      the American South" [essay]

      20. David Huddle, 'Up & Down in America, October 1969" [poem]

      21. Robert Morgan, "Flag on the Barn" [poem]

      22. John Sparks, "Spirit of the Mountains in Rhyme: The Life and Poetry
      of J. D. Meade" [essay]

      23. Luminita M. Dragulescu, "Time Sacred vs. Time Profane: Reading
      Memory and History in Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury" [essay]

      24. M. Thomas Inge, "Eudora Welty's Comic Vision" [essay]

      25. Joanna Grant, "Erskine Caldwell, Hillbilly Celebrity: Retailing
      Rurality in the Modernist Marketplace" [essay]

      26. Joe Samuel Starnes, "Ignatius Reilly's Polish Compatriot: Finding
      Ferdydurke in Confederacy of Dunces" [essay]

      27. Jeraldine R. Kraver, "Southern Shadows: Mammoth Cave Meets Plato's
      Cave in Davis McCombs' Ultima Thule" [essay]

      28. Davis McCombs, "What Floyd Said" [poem]

      29. Robert L. McDonald, "The Reality of William Christenberry's South"
      [essay, with illustrations by William Christenberry]

      30. Jesse Graves, "The Sunken Mill" [poem]

      31. Bernadette Rule, "The Chicken House" [memoir]

      32. Dana Wildsmith, "Where I Live" [essay]

      33. Kristin Berkey-Abbott, "Family Jewels" [poem]

      34. Bill Brown, "Tennessee Song" [poem]
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