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FW: Call for Papers "Remembering the Space Age"

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      Subject: Call for Papers "Remembering the Space Age"

      "Remembering the Space Age"
      50th Anniversary of the Space Age
      Call for Papers


      The NASA History Division and the National Air and Space Museum History
      Division issue a call for papers for a conference on the 50th
      anniversary of the Space Age, to be held in Washington D.C. October
      22-23, 2007 in conjunction with the 50th anniversary meeting of the
      Society for the History of Technology. The conference is titled
      "Remembering the Space Age," and encompasses two main themes:

      1) National and Global Dimensions of the Space Age. Has the Space Age
      fostered a new global identity, or has it reinforced distinct national
      identities? How does space history connect with national histories and
      with the histories of transnational or global phenomena such as the Cold
      War or the rise of global markets or global satellite communications?

      2) Remembrance and Cultural Representation of the Space Age. How is the
      historical record of the Space Age collected, preserved, displayed, and
      interpreted around the world, especially in the US, Russia, the European
      Union, Canada, and China? What purpose do space museums serve and what
      message do they convey? How accessible are space archives? How do the
      "official" versions of events square with the document trail and with
      eyewitness accounts? How has the Space Age been represented in the
      arts, the media, the movies, in propaganda discourse, and so on?

      Please send all proposals, in the form of a 300 word abstract and a
      brief vita, to Dr. Steven J. Dick NASA Chief Historian, at
      steven.j.dick@.... The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2007.

      Dr. Steven J. Dick
      NASA Chief Historian
      Director, NASA History Division
      Office of External Relations
      NASA Headquarters
      300 E Street SW
      Washington, D.C. 20546-0001
      202 358 0383 (PH)
      202 358 2866 (Fax)
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