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Alabama History/Culture in the News: 27 Oct-1 Nov & Bonus Material

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  • Amos J Wright
    Listings since July 2002: Alabama History & Culture in the News http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews0.htm Listings prior to that date are in the Yahoo archives.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      Listings since July 2002:

      Alabama History & Culture in the News

      Listings prior to that date are in the Yahoo archives.

      alabamahistory archives at Yahoo:

      Materials in brackets are my additions. Items are listed more or less in
      reverse chronological order within each section. All links are working
      at the time I send this email and post them to the web page listing.
      Feel free to forward this email as desired....


      **activeculture.info [cultural events calendar for central Alabama]

      **activeculture.info History Events

      **activeculture.info Literature Events


      Additional articles can often be found at Google, Topix or Yahoo news


      Please note that many articles continue beyond the single web page I
      have linked here.



      **Alabama Experience: Jerry McCain's True Blues
      Times this episode will air on APT:
      Sunday, November 05, 2006 at 12:30PM
      For half a century, songwriter and harmonica virtuoso Jerry "Boogie"
      McCain has been singing the Alabama blues, blending humor, romance,
      social commentary and personal world view, with energy and enthusiasm.

      **Novelist Andy Andrews coming to Vestavia Hills [November 30]
      Birmingham News 1 November 2006


      **[Southeastern] Swimming Hall of Fame welcomes 11 from local
      Inductees posted exceptional times in regional meets
      Huntsville Times 1 November 2006

      **SHC [Spring Hill College] has big collection of artifacts
      Mobile Press-Register 1 November 2006

      **Columbiana mural returning to its original 1953 splendor
      Birmingham News 1 November 2006

      **Sloss artists to re-create coke ovens from `old days'
      Birmingham News 1 November 2006

      **State offers 12 sites on 'Covered Bridge Trail'
      Fall is top time of year to visit historical bridges and view foliage
      throughout Alabama
      Decatur Daily 1 November 2006

      **1932 November 1: Wernher von Braun named head of German liquid-fuel
      rocket program. FROM: Poor Gabriel's Almanac poorgabriel@...

      **Saving a piece of history [in Malbis]
      Businessman restoring 1928 Tampary mansion for use as office
      Mobile Press-Register 31 October 2006

      **Shipwreck may be Civil War schooner
      Mobile Press-Register 31 October 2006

      **Nashville police arrest two for theft of Hank Williams notebook
      [also Florence Times-Daily http://tinyurl.com/y35fow ]
      Montgomery Advertiser 31 October 2006

      **Ghostly 'Frank' roams halls of Huntingdon library
      Montgomery Advertiser 31 October 2006

      **Mystery ship emerges from sand [at Fort Morgan]
      Montgomery Advertiser 31 October 2006

      **1945 October 31- Educator Booker T. Washington, is inducted into the
      Hall of Fame for Great Americans.
      FROM: Today in Black History

      **Yesterday's News [in Mobile in 1856, 1906, etc.]
      Nov 1: http://tinyurl.com/yha7tg
      Oct 31: http://tinyurl.com/twyxz
      Mobile Press-Register

      **Historian [Wayne Flynt] to discuss southern religion at Lyon
      Batesville [AR] Daily Guard 30 October 2006

      **A Grand history [Grand Hotel in Point Clear]
      Mobile Press-Register 29 October 2006

      **Frontier Days provide a glimpse of the way things were
      Montgomery Advertiser 27 October 2006


      **Artist [C.J. Denison] has a unique style: 'I've always been different'
      Salon-studio owner will share work at Clay House exhibit
      Huntsville Times 1 November 2006

      **Author [Kathryn Tucker Windham] says South 'may not have more, but our
      ghosts are better'
      Florence Times-Daily 31 October 2006

      **Old house and its stories inspire writer
      [Lee Smith, once an Alabama resident]
      Birmingham News 31 October 2006 pp 1E, 6E

      **Build a dairy store, have Farm Days, and thousands will come
      Birmingham News 29 October 2006


      **Community leader Benjamin Greene dies
      Ex-housing official was Arrington's `go-to man'
      Birmingham News 1 November 2006

      **Alabama folk artist Mose Tolliver dies
      Tuscaloosa News 1 November 2006

      **Former president of accounting firm dies [William Jamison]
      Tuscaloosa News 1 November 2006

      **Veteran music figure, Ala. native Buddy Killen died today
      [also Florence Times-Daily http://tinyurl.com/sjdf5 ]
      Tuscaloosa News 1 November 2006

      **Well-known folk artist Mose T dies
      [12 of his paintings can be seen at http://tinyurl.com/spzmj ]
      Montgomery Advertiser 31 October 2006


      **Chicago's DuSable Museum of African American History Features Exhibit
      on Percy Julian '20 [chemist Julian was an Alabama native]
      DePauw University News

      **Capote Memoir to Be Sold
      A manuscript written by Truman Capote on Aug. 24, 1984, the day before
      he died, is to be sold at auction on Nov. 9 at Bonhams & Butterfields in
      Manhattan, The Associated Press reported. The manuscript is among more
      than 300 of Mr. Capote's personal effects to be offered for sale by
      Joanne Carson, the second wife of Johnny Carson. Using a spiral
      notebook, the ailing Mr. Capote wrote the 14-page memoir after asking
      Ms. Carson what she wanted for her birthday. "Truman," she said, "I just
      want you to write. If you're writing, I'm happy." The result was
      "Remembering Willa Cather," a recollection of his first chance meeting
      with Miss Cather when he was a teenager. The memoir, with an estimated
      sale price of $20,000 to $30,000, appears in the November issue of
      Vanity Fair. Other items in the auction include the tuxedo Mr. Capote
      wore to his famous Black and White Ball, his passport and a signed
      Richard Avedon portrait.
      New York Times 1 November 2006

      **Arrests Over Notebook Of Hank Williams
      The disappearance of a 59-year-old notebook belonging to the country
      music legend Hank Williams, containing unpublished song lyrics and other
      writings and valued by experts at as much as $250,000, has led to the
      arrest of two people by the Nashville police, The Associated Press
      reported. Stephen M. Shutts, the co-owner of a traveling music
      memorabilia collection, and Francine Boykin, a former worker on a
      cleaning crew at Sony/ATV Music Publishing, turned themselves in on
      felony theft charges and were released on bond. Mr. Shutts, 42, told The
      Tennessean that he had legally bought the notebook for an undisclosed
      amount. The police said the notebook had not been recovered.
      New York Times 1 November 2006

      **Category Summary ( Cyndi's List - U.S. - Alabama
      http://www.CyndisList.com/al.htm ):
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