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  • Amos J Wright
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      The Capitol Book Newsletter
      Monday, October 23, 2006
      Today's Contents:
      1. Beautiful Mobile Ironwork
      2. Huntingdon's Cards on the Table Tonight
      3. Bob Inman Friday
      Wrought...or Cast?
      If you've ever walked around the old parts of Mobile you've surely
      noticed that nearly every building down there is graced by beautiful
      ornamental ironwork. If you'd asked us anything about it, all we'd have
      known was that it was wrought iron, and we'd have been wrong. It's not
      wrought iron, it's cast iron, or at least most of it is, and there's
      lots more we learned about it in the beautiful new book An Ornament To
      the City: Old Mobile Ironwork by John Sledge, the architectural
      historian  for the Mobile Historic Development Commission. John is not
      only an architectural historian, though. He's also a very good writer,
      and, incidentally, the Book Editor of the Mobile newspaper. The book,
      richly illustrated by many photographs by Sheila Hagler, belongs in the
      library of every architect, every resident or ex-resident of Mobile, and
      anybody else interested in Alabama history, or just enamored of the
      things that make Alabama different from everywhere else.
      Come meet John Sledge, who'll be here at the store TOMORROW, TUESDAY,
      OCTOBER 24 FROM 5-6 PM. The book is a coffee table sort of book, $34.95
      For or Against...
      The hot topic around the old neighborhood is Huntingdon's plan to sell
      part of the Cloverdale campus to the Lowders, who'll turn it into a
      small mix of residential and commercial buildings. But before now, we've
      not really known what we were arguing about, since nobody's  seen any of
      the actual plans for the property.
      Those plans will be unveiled TONIGHT, MONDAY, OCTOBER 23 AT 6:30 at a
      public meeting in FLOWERS HALL there on the Huntingdon campus. If you
      live in Cloverdale, or even if you don't live here but just love it, you
      owe it to yourself and to the neighborhood to come tonight and see what
      their plans actually are.
      This deal is going to happen - or go down to defeat - in just a couple
      of weeks in front of the City Planning Commission. Which is to say,
      don't miss this meeting tonight thinking there'll be several more before
      anything happens. There won't be. Come tonight!
      Is It Christmas Yet?
      No, but the first new Christmas book is out. It's The Christmas Bus by
      ex-Montgomerian and Capitol Book favorite Bob Inman, who'll be here THIS
      FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27 for a booksigning. More about this one later this
      Cheryl and Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      Voice 334.265.1473
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