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FW: Daily Dose: Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee

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      Today's Dose is reviewed by Christy from Custer, Wisconsin

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      "Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee"
      by Charles J. Shields

      "I couldn't put the book down once I started reading. I hadn't
      realized that so many of the characters and events in 'To Kill
      a Mockingbird' were based on her life in Monroeville, Alabama.
      Until I saw the movie 'Capote' I did not know about Lee's relationship
      with Capote, so reading more about their investigation of the
      Kansas murders was especially interesting....I wonder if there
      will be writings that will be discovered later -- when she will
      not have to hear any comparisons with her beloved first book."

      "To Kill a Mockingbird," the twentieth-century's most widely read
      American novel, has sold thirty million copies and still sells
      a million yearly. Yet despite the book's perennial popularity,
      its creator, Harper Lee has become a somewhat mysterious figure.
      Now, after years of research, Charles J. Shields has brought to
      life the warmhearted, high-spirited, and occasionally hardheaded
      woman who gave us two of American literature's most unforgettable
      characters -- Atticus Finch and his daughter, Scout -- and who
      contributed to the success of her lifelong friend Truman Capote's
      masterpiece, "In Cold Blood."

      At the center of Shields's lively book is the story of Lee's struggle
      to create her famous novel. But her life contains many other highlights
      as well: her girlhood as a tomboy in overalls in tiny Monroeville,
      Alabama; the murder trial that made her beloved father's reputation
      and inspired her great work; her journey to Kansas as Capote's
      ally and research assistant to help report the story of the Clutter
      murders; the surrogate family she found in New York City.

      Drawing on six hundred interviews and much new information,
      is the first book ever written about Harper Lee. Highly entertaining,
      filled with humor and heart, this is an evocative portrait of
      a writer, her dream, and the place and people whom she made immortal.

      "This biography will not disappoint those who loved the novel
      and the feisty, independent, fiercely loyal Scout, in whom Harper
      Lee put so much of herself."
      -- Garrison Keillor

      "There are many pages about Lee's collaboration with Truman Capote
      on 'In Cold Blood'...with some attention to Capote's jealousy
      of Lee's success and his petty failure to acknowledge the great
      contributions she made."
      -- Kirkus Reviews

      "An informative and genial biography that literary fiction lovers
      will flock to."
      -- Booklist

      "The best chapter details how Lee and her childhood friend Truman
      Capote went to Kansas to research the crime and its aftermath
      that would later become 'In Cold Blood.'"
      -- Library Journal

      A former English teacher who taught Harper Lee's novel for years,
      Charles J. Shields has a BA in English and an MA in American history
      from the University of Illinois, where he was a James Scholar.
      The author of many widely praised books for young people, he spent
      four years researching Mockingbird in Alabama, New York, and Kansas,
      speaking to hundreds of Lee's neighbors, friends, classmates,
      and culling facts from the archives of Truman Capote and other
      collections, as well as papers from the Monroe County (Alabama)
      courthouse and historical museum. He lives in central Virginia
      with his wife.

      Hardcover (New) $25.00

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      in particular, may be available in extremely limited supply.

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