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FW: Daily Dose: Smonk [by Ala. author Tom Franklin]

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      by Tom Franklin

      Franklin's much-anticipated new novel doesn't disappoint. He writes
      about what he knows best: the underside of the South. Relentlessly
      dark yet simultaneously humorous, "Smonk" is a wild and brutal
      ride through small towns in Alabama at the turn of the century.
      Franklin writes well and has a keen eye for detail, ear for dialogue,
      and imagination for recreating the past. An authentic, harrowing,
      darkly comic tale.

      An inventive tale, set in Alabama in the early 1900s, that combines
      the gritty edge of Quentin Tarantino and the outrageous humor
      of Christopher Moore.

      It's 1911 and the secluded southwestern Alabama town of Old Texas
      has been besieged by a scabrous and malevolent character called
      E. O. Smonk. Syphilitic, consumptive, gouty and goitered, Smonk
      is also an expert with explosives and knives. He abhors horses,
      goats and the Irish. Every Saturday night for a year he's been
      riding his mule into Old Texas, destroying property, killing livestock,
      seducing women, cheating and beating men - all from behind the
      twin barrels of his Winchester 45-70 caliber over and under rifle.
      At last the desperate citizens of the town, themselves harboring
      a terrible secret, put Smonk on trial, with disastrous and shocking

      Thus begins the highly anticipated new novel from Tom Franklin,
      acclaimed author of Hell at the Breech and Poachers. Smonk is
      also the story of Evavangeline, a fifteen-year-old prostitute
      quick to pull a trigger or cork. A case of mistaken identity plunges
      her into the wild sugarcane country between the Alabama and Tombigbee
      rivers, land suffering from the worst drought in a hundred years
      and plagued by rabies. Pursued by a posse of unlikely vigilantes,
      Evavangeline boats upriver and then wends through the dust and
      ruined crops, forced along the way to confront her own clouded
      past. She eventually stumbles upon Old Texas, where she is fated
      to E. O. Smonk and the townspeople in a way she could never imagine.

      In turns hilarious, violent, bawdy and terrifying, "Smonk" creates
      its own category: It's a southern, not a western, peopled with
      corrupt judges and assassins, a cuckolded blacksmith, Christian
      deputies, widows, War veterans, whores, witches, madmen and zombies.
      By the time the smoke has cleared, the mystery of Smonk will be
      revealed, the survivors changed forever.

      "Fast-paced and unrelentingly violent, Franklin's western isn't
      for everyone, but readers looking for a strange and savage tale
      can't go wrong."
      -- Publishers Weekly

      "Horror and history rendered with gusto and buckets of blood."
      -- Kirkus Reviews

      "Highly entertaining....Some sensitive readers may want to run
      screaming from the house, but those with a strong stomach for
      graphic death and sex will be smitten with Smonk."
      -- USA Today

      Tom Franklin is the author of "Poachers: Stories" and "Hell at
      the Breech." Winner of a 2001 Guggenheim Fellowship, he teaches
      in the University of Mississippi's MFA program and lives in Oxford,
      Mississippi, with his wife, the poet Beth Ann Fennelly, and their
      children, Claire and Thomas.

      Hardcover (New) $23.95

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