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FW: Daily Dose: Gods in Alabama [by Joshilyn Jackson]

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  • Amos J Wright
    Fyi.. ajwright@uab.edu Today s Dose is recommended by Jen from Howell, Michigan Today s prize is $20 credit. Jen, to claim your gift certificate click here by
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      Fyi.. ajwright@...

      Today's Dose is recommended by Jen from Howell, Michigan

      Today's prize is $20 credit.
      Jen, to claim your gift certificate click here by 11:59 p.m.(Pacific
      Time) on Tuesday, July 18th:

      Take today's Dose in HTML at:

      "Gods in Alabama"
      by Joshilyn Jackson

      The writing is quirky and funny, and there are plot twists to
      the ending that you wouldn't expect. Quick read, great book.

      When Arlene Fleet heads up north for college, she promises God
      that she'll stop fornicating and lying, and never, ever go back
      to her hometown in Alabama. All she wants from Him is one miracle:
      make sure the body is never found.

      Now, ten years later, God has broken the deal. Her hometown lands
      on her Chicago doorstep in the most annoying way and Burr, her
      African American boyfriend, insists on meeting her lily-white
      kith and kin. With the fickle finger of fate pointing her south
      -- and toward her steel magnolia Aunt Florence; eccentric, half-mad
      Mama; and sweet-as-pecan-pie Cousin Clarice-Arlene and Burr are
      soon confronting the demons and the secrets she ran from. Here,
      in the heart of redneck country, the truth is waiting...to either
      destroy Arlene's life, or open her eyes to a love powerful enough
      to renew it.

      "A likable new talent chained to a creaky old plot."
      -- Kirkus Reviews

      "The plot is so ambitious and full of twists, the reader may have
      a hard time getting a read on where the novel's headed....Readers
      should be aware that this is not a light Southern yarn."
      -- Dallas Morning News

      "The plot, masterfully constructed, has more twists and turns
      than a wiggle worm on the end of a small hook. The heroine is
      a strong, calculating presence and her frequent disputes with
      her overbearing aunt add friction to a family drama already fraught
      with tension."
      -- Orlando Sentinel

      "Cleverly disguised as a leisurely paced southern novel, this
      debut rockets to the end, even as the plot turns back on itself,
      surprising characters and readers alike. Book clubs will enjoy
      this saucy tale, as will fans of southern fiction with a twist."
      -- Booklist

      "While some of the plot elements...might seem familiar, Jackson
      ably overcomes them through sure-handed writing and a bawdy sense
      of humor that never loses its Southern charm."
      -- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

      Joshilyn Jackson lives with her husband and children outside of
      Atlanta, where she is currently at work on her next novel.

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      Hardcover (New) $19.95
      Cassette (New) $29.98
      Compact Disc (New) $14.98

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