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3 Ala. authors at Alabama Booksmith [Homewood] next week

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  • Amos J Wright
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      Subject: Rick Bragg, J. Wes Yoder, Mark Childress, Scott Simon and
      Joshilyn Jackson
      Hi Y'All- 
      Forget the lazy, hazy days of summer - the week of July 10 will sizzle
      with the strongest crop of big time authors harvested by any bookstore,
      anywhere. Put on your reading glasses and make plans to meet great
      writers and add a stack of signed copies to your library. 
      *Monday, July 10 4:00 PM 
      Rick Bragg 
      /All Over But the Shoutin' /and Ava's Man 
      The Alabama Booksmith 
      , J. Wes Yoder who has just finished /Carry My Bones /(more about that
      below); to receive a presentation from The Junior League for his
      fabulous introduction to /Tables of Content, /the 2006 cookbook coming
      in October (advance orders for signed copies will be taken at this
      event); and of course, to sign copies of his award winning books. *Rick
      is coming to Birmingham to help promote his protege 
      *Monday, July 10 4:00 PM 
      J. Wes Yoder 
      /Carry My Bones 
      /The Alabama Booksmith* 
      Rick Bragg said, "This boy was born to write", and we believe after you
      read this stunning first novel populated with memorable characters,
      you'll agree that J. Wes Yoder is one of the South's most important new
      literary voices. 
      *Tuesday, July 11 4:00 PM 
      Mark Childress 
      /One Mississippi 
      /The Alabama Booksmith 
      *For years, Mark Childress has been respected as one of America's finest
      writers, and his new work is by far his finest. Ann Lamott called it
      "Wise, riveting, hilarious, painful, gentle and ferocious - a wonderful
      read." How can we top that? 
      *Tuesday, July 11 6:30 PM 
      Mark Childress 
      /One Mississippi 
      /Home of Judge Scott and Cameron Vowell 
      Literacy Council Benefit - Call 205.326.1925 
      *Enjoy a special evening with Alabama's Literati in one of the most
      elegant homes around. Receive a signed copy, visit with Mark, dine and
      drink. It's for a deserving cause ......and is deductible. 
      *Tuesday, July 11 7:00 PM 
      Scott Simon 
      /Pretty Birds 
      /Birmingham Museum of Art 
      Benefit for WBHM - Call 205.934.2278 
      *Listen to NPR's super star host of /Weekend Edition /discuss his
      compelling cliffhanger of a read and support public radio at a very
      nominal charge. Reception and booksigning will follow Scott's remarks. 
      *Friday, July 14 4:00 PM 
      Joshilyn Jackson 
      /Between, Georgia 
      /The Alabama Booksmith 
      *First let us tell you that this new book is much deeper and more
      literate than Joshilyn's debut novel, /gods in Alabama. /That being
      said, in case you don't remember, that book was named #1 for July, 2005,
      by BookSense, the organization of independent booksellers in all 50
      states. It was also just announced that it will be honored in September
      by the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance as the BOOK OF THE
      YEAR! Now, for the new one that Anne Rivers Siddons called "a miracle" -
      it was named by the aforementioned national association as the best book
      in America for this month. Never before has the same author been so
      honored by the country's independent booksellers. 
      Whew! This should help with your summer reading and your collection of
      signed books. We hope you can make every event and meet every author.
      However, we'll be happy to have copies signed if your schedule will not
      permit an in-person visit. 
      Come hang around all week. 
      The Booksmith Gang 
      The Alabama Booksmith 
      2626 19th Place 
      Homewood, AL 35209 
      Don't forget to e-mail us before you change addresses. We purge a
      handful of 
      undeliverable invitations after each mailing. If you wish to be removed
      from our invitation list, please reply. Likewise, please forward to good
      reading friends. Your e-mail address is kept absolutely confidential. We
      will NEVER, EVER sell or loan this list to anyone under any
      circumstances. Lastly, if you receive this notice by forward from a
      friend and would like to join Alabama's literati, please request same. 
      Check out AOL.com today. Breaking news, video search, pictures, email
      and IM. All on demand. Always Free.
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