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Alabama History/Culture in the News: 1 Feb-10 Mar & Bonus Material

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  • Amos J Wright
    NOTE: I have begun using shortened URLs; let me know if you have any problems with them!-- ajwright@uab.edu Listings since July 2002 are also at
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2006
      NOTE: I have begun using shortened URLs; let me know if you have any
      problems with them!-- ajwright@...

      Listings since July 2002 are also at

      as well as in the archives of alabamahistory at Yahoo:

      Listings prior to that date are in the archives.

      Materials in brackets are my additions. Items are listed more or less in
      reverse chronological order within each section.

      All links are working at the time I send this email and post them to the
      web page listing. Some of the longer URLs may wrap to the next line; you
      may need to copy and paste in order to get the entire link into your
      browser. If that doesn't work, there are a number of other options. Go
      to the appropriate listings page [start at
      http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews0.htm ]and try from there. You can go
      to the alabamahistory archives at Yahoo as noted above and connect to
      the article there. You can also copy the link and paste it into Word and
      see if that straightens it out so you can copy and paste it into your
      browser. If the story is fairly recent, you can also try Google News at
      http://news.google.com/ ; put some significant words from the article
      title in the search box and see if the article comes up.

      A listing of Alabama history links can be found at

      Please send me information on broken links you find or links I don't
      have listed!

      Feel free to forward this email as desired....




      **'Mockingbird' tickets now on sale [at Monroe Co. Heritage Museum]
      Mobile Register 9 March 2006

      **Southern [and Ala.] author to speak at Athens library fundraiser
      [Athens State graduate Nanci Kincaid on April 7]
      Decatur Daily 8 March 2006

      **Thursday, April 20th - [Ala. author] Carolyn Haines' _Penumbra_
      Book signing at Alabama Booksmith 4-6pm
      2626 19th Place
      Homewood, AL 35209

      **Historians, archivists to meet in Mobile [April 25-29]
      [National Episcopal Historians and Archivists annual meeting,
      at Christ Church Cathedral, oldest Protestant Church in Alabama]
      Episcopal News Service 7 March 2006

      **UNA institute on documenting local folklore [July 9-21]
      Decatur Daily 9 March 2006


      **Painful past has lessons for future [Cullman as "sundown town"]
      Tuscaloosa News 10 March 2006

      **Army specialists to examine mortar rounds dug up years ago at Sibert
      Gadsden Times 10 March 2006

      **[Alabama] Women's Hall of Fame inducts two
      Montgomery Advertiser 10 March 2006

      **1871 March 9- Oscar De Priest is born in Florence, Alabama. He will
      be the first [black] congressman elected from a northern state. He will
      represent Illinois and be an active advocate for pensions for African
      American ex-slaves, lynching prevention, and civil rights improvements.

      1965 March 9- Three white Unitarian ministers, including the Rev. James
      J. Reeb, are attacked with clubs on the streets of Selma, Alabama, while
      participating in a civil rights demonstration. Reeb will later die in a
      Birmingham, Alabama hospital.
      FROM: Today in Black History

      **Marion trustees OK state turnover
      With Riley's approval, MMI to be 22nd junior college
      Birmingham News 8 March 2006

      **Island restaurant owners offer storage space for shipwreck
      Mobile Register 8 March 2006

      **[16th Street Baptist] Church legacy inspires progress
      Kaleidoscope [UAB] 7 March 2006

      **b. 03-07-1937 - Rhoda Williams - Birmingham, AL
      actress: Betty Anderson "Life with Father" [old radio show]

      **Cullman's 'sundown town' image worthy of study [Ben Windham column]
      Tuscaloosa News 5 March 2006

      **English course studies history of hometowns [including Birmingham]
      Kaleidoscope [UAB] 28 February 2006 p6

      **[At Canaan's] 'Edge' is a history of march to state capitol
      Tuscaloosa News 26 February 2006

      **In Alabama, the more things change... [Ben Windham column]
      Tuscaloosa News 26 February 2006

      **Just how historic is Phillips High School?
      An old school building, a revered Civil Rights hero and another debate
      over how far we should go to preserve our past
      Birmingham Weekly 23 February 2006

      **Nine innings in Rickwood
      Rickwood Field hosts a vintage Negro Leagues game starring Birmingham's
      Black Barons
      Birmingham Weekly 23 February 2006

      **Publisher's Notebook: Eastwood Mall
      Black and White [Birmingham] 23 February 2006 p4

      **Celebrating Black History: Etowah County Sports Hall of Fame Inducts
      George Baker, Jr.
      Gadsden Messenger 1 February 2006 p13


      **Local artistic icon honored by fans [Bobbie Gamble, Greenville]
      Montgomery Advertiser 10 March 2006

      UAB's Aura Literary Arts Review, the student literary magazine, has
      received a Crown award again this year from the Columbia Scholastic
      Press Association. Of hundreds of entries to the competition, 13 were
      selected for the top recognition of a CSPA Crown. UAB graduate student
      Carl Chang was editor of those issues of Aura.
      Birmingham News 10 March 2006

      **Reading aloud focus of area principal's book [Reba Wadsworth]
      Decatur Daily 9 March 2006

      **Birmingham crooner [Taylor Hicks] awaits "American Idol" viewer vote
      Montgomery Advertiser 9 March 2006

      **Flyin' in for 'country vittles'
      Diner ready to feed clients who arrive by horse, plane - even car
      [The Restaurant at Campbell's Field in Blount County]
      Birmingham News 2 March 2006


      **Anne Braden, 81; Longtime Social Activist Fought for Racial Tolerance
      the South [died March 6; grew up and worked in Birmingham in the 1940s]
      Los Angeles Times 9 March 2006

      **Journalism in North Alabama loses mentor [Bobbie Hurt]
      Decatur Daily 9 March 2006

      **Dr. Ralph Denny Wright dies at age 83
      Mobile Register 8 March 2006


      **American Indian Museum [Huntsville, Alabama]


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      Associate Professor
      Director, Section on the History of Anesthesia

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