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Accolades for Recent UA Press Books

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  • Amos J Wright
    Fyi... sjwright@uab.edu For immediate release January 24, 2006 UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA PRESS TITLES AMONG 2005 S BEST Five Books Singled Out for National
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      Fyi... sjwright@...

      For immediate release
      January 24, 2006

      Five Books Singled Out for National Recognition

      TUSCALOOSA, AL-The University of Alabama Press is pleased to announce
      that four of its recently published books were named "Outstanding
      Academic Titles" by Choice Magazine earlier this month, indicating that
      they were among the best books reviewed by that publication last year.
      In addition, Library Journal has named a University of Alabama Press
      title as one of its Best Books of 2005.

      The books selected as Choice Outstanding Academic Titles are Dialect and
      Dichotomy: Literary Representations of African American Speech by Lisa
      Cohen Minnick; Faulkner the Storyteller by Blair Labatt; Game Work:
      Language, Power, and Computer Game Culture by Ken S. McAllister; and The
      Rock Art of Eastern North America: Capturing images and Insight edited
      by Carol Diaz-Granados and James R. Duncan. The books are in the fields
      of linguistics, literary criticism, communications, and archaeology,
      respectively, demonstrating the breadth of excellence that is a hallmark
      of the University of Alabama Press.

      Among the mere 28 titles selected as Library Journal's Best Books of
      2005 is Satchel Paige's America by William Price Fox. Published under
      The University of Alabama Press's Fire Ant Books imprint. The magazine
      proclaims it "a lively, moving, and often hilarious tale of an encounter
      30 years ago and of a life richly led."

      The authors of these books hail from various points across the country.
      Lisa Cohen Minnick is an assistant professor of English at Western
      Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Dialect and Dichotomy, her
      first book, was described by Choice as "an important and highly original
      Blair Labatt, who has taught at the University of Texas at Austin and
      Trinity University, lives in San Antonio, Texas. He is an independent
      scholar and the CEO of a food distribution company founded by his
      grandfather in 1910. Faulkner the Storyteller is his first book, and was
      praised by Choice as ""absolutely first-rate" and "a love song for
      fiction and Faulkner."

      Ken S. McAllister is an associate professor of rhetoric, composition,
      and English at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. Game Work,
      his first book, was published as part of The University of Alabama
      Press's Rhetoric, Culture, and Social Critique series, edited by John
      Louis Lucaites. Choice described the book as "essential" and proclaimed
      it "one of the finest studies of its kind."

      Carol Diaz-Granados is research associate and lecturer at Washington
      University in St. Louis, Missouri. James R. Duncan, her husband, is
      Special Projects Coordinator for the Missouri Department of


      Page 2
      Conservation. Together they are the coauthors of The Petroglyphs and
      Pictographs of Missouri (Alabama, 2000). Choice described The Rock-Art
      of Eastern North America, a collection of twenty essays on the subject,
      as a "milestone study" that is "essential" for libraries.
      William Price Fox is professor and Writer-in-Residence at the University
      of South Carolina. In the early 1970s, while on assignment for Look
      magazine, he spent several days with Satchel Paige, following him from
      bowling alley to ball field, from auto repair shop to barbeque joint,
      talking about life, baseball, minstrel shows, and running moonshine.
      Satchel Paige's America is one of only three books published by
      university presses to have made Library Journal's Best Books list. (The
      other two were published by Yale and Chicago.)

      Choice is published by the Association of College and Research
      Libraries, which is a division of the American Library Association. Each
      year they select several books to receive the Outstanding Academic Title
      designation. For this year, they chose 682 books and electronic
      resources from among the 6,984 titles reviewed in the magazine during
      2005. This list comprises less than 10 percent of the titles reviewed,
      and less than three percent of the more than 23,000 publications
      submitted for possible review during the whole of last year. While it is
      not uncommon for a publisher to receive such a designation for at least
      one of its books in a given year, it is unusual for a mid-sized
      university press such as Alabama to have as many as four books included
      on the list.

      The University of Alabama Press is one of the fastest-growing publishers
      in the South. In addition to its respected lists in archaeology,
      military history, Judaic studies, literary criticism, communication,
      sports, Civil Rights, religion, southern history, and regional topics,
      it is the publisher of the national trade imprint Fire Ant Books. These
      "books with bite" feature compelling stories aimed at a broad audience;
      concentrating on southern culture and history, and including both
      original works and reprint editions, they represent some of the finest
      work published by university presses today. The Press celebrated its
      sixtieth anniversary in 2005.
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      For additional information, contact: Dennis Lloyd *
      dlloyd@... * direct line: 205-348-9534

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      Associate Professor
      Director, Section on the History of Anesthesia

      Department of Anesthesiology Library
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