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Haiman Award to UA Press book/Ala. author Steven P. Brown

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  • Amos J Wright
    For immediate release January 4, 2006 AUBURN UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR WINS BOOK AWARD Second Year in a Row the Honor Goes to Book Published by The University of
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      For immediate release
      January 4, 2006

      Second Year in a Row the Honor Goes to Book Published by The University
      of Alabama Press

      TUSCALOOSA, AL-Steven P. Brown, an assistant professor of political
      science at Auburn University, was recently awarded the Franklyn S.
      Haiman Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Freedom of Expression by
      the Naitonal Communications Association.

      The Haiman Award is given annually to the author of published research
      on freedom of expression, broadly defined. This year, Brown received the
      award for his book Trumping Religion: The New Christian Right, the Free
      Speech Clause, and the Courts, published by The University of Alabama
      Press in 2002, and reissued in paperback in 2004.

      The selection committee for the award consisted Susan Mallon Ross,
      University of Southern Mississippi; Bernardo Attias, California State
      University, Northridge; and David Park, Lake Forest College. In their
      description of the book, the committee observes that Trumping Religion
      "provides a detailed scholarly treatment of a significant factor in the
      so-called culture wars in the theater of constitutional law.
      Specifically [the work] assesses 'New Christian Right's' entry into
      public interest law with a two-fold mission of protecting religious
      expression both as a legal right and as a 'Gospel tool' (a means to
      fulfill the 'Great Commission' to spread the Gospel)." They went on to
      praise it's "extended treatment of important topics" and
      "well-structured presentation."

      Previous reviews of the book have also been positive. The journal Review
      of Politics opined that the book "is a springboard to further study into
      the ways religious beliefs and values shape and are shaped by the
      politics of law." And Choice magazine observed that "Brown makes a
      substantial contribution in his analysis of the New Christian Right's
      legal activities, a subject about which much is heard but little known."

      Professor Brown received the award at a November ceremony held during
      the National Communication Association's 91st annual convention in
      Boston, Massachusetts. It marked the second year in a row that a book
      published by The University of Alabama Press received the honor. In 2004
      the Haiman Award was presented to Richard A. Parker of Northern Arizona
      University for his book Free Speech on Trial: Communication Perspectives
      on Landmark Supreme Court Decisions, published by the University of
      Alabama Press in 2003.
      The University of Alabama Press is one of the fastest-growing publishers
      in the South. In addition to its respected lists in archaeology,
      military history, Judaic studies, literary criticism, communication,
      sports, Civil Rights, religion, southern history, and regional topics,
      it is the publisher of the national trade imprint Fire Ant Books. These
      "books with bite" feature compelling stories aimed at a broad audience;
      concentrating on southern culture and history, and including both
      original works and reprint editions, they represent some of the finest
      work published by university presses today. The Press celebrated its
      sixtieth anniversary in 2005.
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