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      Subject: Call for Submissions
      CALL-FOR-SUBMISSIONS: CrossRoads: A Southern Culture Annual, Volume
      CrossRoads: A Southern Culture Annual is a publication dedicated to the 
      interdisciplinary study and artistic appreciation of the South (broadly 
      defined) and Southern culture. Published as an annual book by Mercer 
      University Press, CrossRoads: A Southern Culture Annual continues the 
      editorial approach of CrossRoads: A Journal of Southern Culture, a 
      semi-legendary periodical originally published in the early 1990s by a 
      dedicated group of graduate students affiliated with the University of 
      Mississippi's Center for the Study of Southern Culture. The original 
      periodical version of CrossRoads featured previously unpublished 
      material by many of the leading scholars and artists committed to 
      interpreting and celebrating the S! outh, including Rob Amberg, A. R. 
      Ammons, Mary Ulmer Chiltosky, Jim Clark, James Dickey, Robert Drake, 
      William Ferris, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Wayne Flynt, Ernest Gaines, David 
      Galef, Eugene Genovese, Alex Haley, Fred Hobson, David Huddle, Patricia 
      Spears Jones, Jack Temple Kirby, Jeff Daniel Marion, Ed McClanahan, 
      Walter McDonald, Ethelbert Miller, Robert Morgan, Marilyn Nance, Tom 
      Rankin, John Shelton Reed, Sheryl St. Germain, Jon Michael Spencer,
      Williamson, and Steve Young. 
      The first volume of CrossRoads: A Southern Culture Annual, published in 
      June 2004, offers new work by such scholars and artists as Kimberly 
      Greene Angle, Brooks Blevins, Henry A. Buchanan, James E. Cherry,
      Caudill Dennison, G. Wayne Dowdy, Jo Angela Edwins, Bart Galloway, 
      Allean Hale, M. Thomas Inge, Dorothy Hampton Marcus, Robert Morgan, 
      Mendi Lewis Obadike, James A. P! erkins, Ron Rash, Randy Rudder,
      Sens, Charles D. Th ompson Jr., Jaclyn Weldon White, and Brenda
      The second volume of CrossRoads: A Southern Culture Annual, to be 
      published by Mercer University Press in November 2005, similarly 
      features fascinating, accessible scholarly works that explore a wide 
      range of topics (including Southern literature, music, food, and visual 
      art) and that elucidate Southern perspectives on religion, politics, 
      race, ethnicity, gender, education, regional identity, and "sense of 
      place." The second volume includes essays or other scholarly prose 
      pieces by Donald Davidson, M. Thomas Inge, Margaret D. Bauer, Peter 
      Schmidt, Ryan A. Brasseaux, Donald Edward Davis, Kathryn Bright Gurkin, 
      Thomas McConnell, Gerald Thurmond, and Jeff Biggers. That volume of 
      CrossRoads also contains new creative writing by a number of leading 
      Southern authors, including R. T. Smith, David Huddle, Laura
      Payne Butler, Chavawn Kelley, Jeff Daniel Marion, Linda Parsons Marion,
      Loest, and Tony Morris, as well as artwork by such visual artists as 
      Suzanne Stryk, Robert L. McDonald, Bart Galloway, Warren Kirbo, and 
      Nathaniel Welch. The third volume of CrossRoads will be published in 
      Fall 2006.  
      To order copies of the first and/or second volumes of CrossRoads: A 
      Southern Culture Annual, please contact Mercer University Press via 
      phone (toll free) at 800-637-2378, ext. 2880 or 800-342-0841, ext. 2880 
      (in GA), or via email at mupressorders@.... The CrossRoads 
      website can be found at: 
      CrossRoads: A Southern Culture Annual is currently seeking! submissions 
      for its fourth volume. These submissions can inc lude-but are not
      to-analytical academic essays, oral histories, memoirs, profile essays, 
      photo essays, creative writing, and artwork. The main criteria ensuring 
      consideration are that all submitted materials should (to borrow 
      Faulkner's famous phrase) "tell about the South" and that they should
      so memorably. 
      To have your work considered for the fourth volume of CrossRoads: A 
      Southern Culture Annual, you may send materials postmarked before May 
      31, 2006, to: 
      Ted Olson, Editor 
      CrossRoads: A Southern Culture Annual 
      ETSU, Box 70400 
      Johnson City, TN 37614 
      Please include disposable copies of manuscripts. Submissions will not
      returned. Should you have any questions, you may contact the editor: 
      423-439-4379 (tel) 
      423-439-4126 (fax) 
      olso! n@... or tedolson_99@... 
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