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Clyde Bolton's new book, _Stop the Presses (So I Can Get Off_

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  • Amos J Wright
    Fyi.. ajwright@uab.edu Release on or after: October 2, 2005 NEW BOOK CAPTURES THE GLORY OF ALABAMA SPORTS TUSCALOOSA, AL-For 31 years, Clyde Bolton wrote four
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      Fyi.. ajwright@...

      Release on or after: October 2, 2005


      TUSCALOOSA, AL-For 31 years, Clyde Bolton wrote four sports columns per
      week for the Birmingham News. By his estimation, this makes him the most
      widely read Alabamian in history. He may be right.

      If not, then his chances of becoming the most widely read have just been
      improved, with the release of his seventeenth book. Stop The Presses (So
      I Can Get Off), subtitled "Tales from Forty Years of Sports Writing,"
      offers readers a joyous romp through the SEC, the Nextel Cup circuit,
      the newspaper business, high school sports, and much more.

      It will surprise no one familiar with Bolton-or the Alabama sports
      scene-that tales of Bear Bryant and Shug Jordan dominate. For most of
      his career, he covered both schools' programs, heading to Tuscaloosa on
      Tuesday, driving to Auburn on Thursday, and going wherever a game was on
      But at one point or another, Clyde wrote just about every type of
      sporting event in the state, and many beyond its borders. He covered a
      World Series in Kansas City, stuck in an "auxiliary press box"-an area
      in the stands so poorly roped off drunken fans could reach across and
      peck at the keys on his word processor. High school swimming,
      professional wrestling, XFL football, tennis, college basketball, minor
      league baseball; Bolton reported on them all.

      Bolton wrote about the first car race ever covered by the Birmingham
      News, a 1962 event promoted by Tom Gloor. Little could he have imagined
      when named the paper's official racing writer (a position he held until
      1990), over protests that he knew nothing about the subject, that NASCAR
      would become his favorite sport.

      In relating the outlines of his life, Bolton pays homage to his mentors,
      including famed sports editor Benny Marshall, and shares some insights
      he's gained after a lifetime in the newspaper game. But throughout the
      book, he never forgets that any good journalist-any good writer-is in
      the business of telling stories. And oh, what stories!

      Bolton writes of meeting Michael Jordan during the basketball star's
      year with the Birmingham Barons; of having dinner with Muhammad Ali at
      the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house at Auburn University; of walking
      incognito down sunny Birmingham sidewalks with Hall-of-Famer Johnny
      Unitas. He explains why Bear Bryant, in his opinion, is the greatest
      football coach ever; tells of interviewing Joe Namath in the next stall
      in a men's bathroom; and reveals why his grandmother watched wrestling
      on her hands and knees on the floor in front of the television.

      Bolton is a three-time Alabama Sports Columnist of the Year (1988, 1992,
      and 1999). He retired from the Birmingham News in 2001, the same year he
      was inducted into the Alabama Sports Writers Hall of Fame. Stop the
      Presses (So I Can Get Off) will remind long-time readers of what they've
      been missing for the past few years. And it'll make everyone else wish
      they had paid more attention when they had the chance.

      Stop the Presses (So I Can Get Off) is a Fire Ant Book, an imprint of
      the University of Alabama Press. These "books with bite" feature
      compelling stories aimed at a broad audience. Concentrating on southern
      culture and history, and including both original works and reprint
      editions, they represent some of the finest work published by university
      presses today.
      # # #
      Stop the Presses (So I Can Get Off): Tales from 40 Years of Sports
      Writing by Clyde Bolton
      Publication date: October 2, 2005
      280 pages * 6 x 9 * 16 b/w illustrations
      ISBN 0-8173-5252-X * $25.00 paperback
      To order, contact the Chicago Distribution Center * 773-702-7000 *
      fax: 773-702-7212
      For additional information, contact: Dennis Lloyd *
      dlloyd@... * direct line: 205-348-9534

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