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FW: UPDATE: Southern Literature and Culture Panel (11/15/05; PCA/ACA, 4/12/06-4/16/06)

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  • Amos J Wright
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      Subject: UPDATE: Southern Literature and Culture Panel (11/15/05;
      PCA/ACA, 4/12/06-4/16/06)
      Dear Writers and Students of Southern Literature:

      The Southern Literature & Culture area of the American
      Popular Culture Association is seeking presentations
      for the 2006 PCA/ACA Conference in Atlanta next April
      12-16. Presentations covering a broad range of
      Southern literature pieces and critical approaches are
      welcome; presentations should be developed for a
      20-minute reading. Creative writing, including
      readings of poems and short stories, are welcome
      submissions. Critical papers and various (mis)readings
      of literature and the culture are also invited. As we
      deal with the entire dimension of the South, any
      aspect of study is suitable for presentation.

      Please submit a 250-word abstract to Christopher
      Bloss, Area Chair, and me by November 15, 2005. Send to
      both of us via e-mail at sstarnes@... and
      chris.bloss@.... Please include an email and a
      telephone number, along with institutional affiliation
      (if any) with your abstract. All abstracts are read
      and comments provided within two business days of

      Links with more information are below. Please feel to
      contact me if you have any questions. [Thanks to Sam for providing this
      informative CFP.]

      Joe Samuel "Sam" Starnes
      Assistant Chair
      Southern Literature and Culture Area

      Information about the call for papers:

      Christopher R. Bloss
      PCA, Area Chair, Southern Literature and Culture
      Coordinator of Instruction and
      Assistant Professor of Library Science
      Columbus State University
      Columbus, GA 31907

      From the Literary Calls for Papers Mailing List
      Full Information at
      or write Jennifer Higginbotham: higginbj@...
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