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FW: Southern Literature Week [at Alabama Booksmith]

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      Subject: Southern Literature Week
      Hi Y'All-

      Southern Literature Week starts Sunday and you're invited to join in the
      celebration! Check out the amazing line up of authors looking forward to
      meeting you in the next few days:

      Sunday, October 9: John Berendt, author of Midnight in the Garden of
      Good and Evil,  discusses his brand new release, City of Falling Angels
      at The Radisson Hotel. An Evening With John Berendt features The Young
      Singers from Opera Birmingham entertaining at 6:00, prior to Mr.
      Berendt's talk. Tickets are $39, and include all taxes and a signed
      first edition of the new book. Proceeds benefit The Birmingham Music
      Cooperative. For reservations, call 205.870.4242
      Sunday, October 9 - 6:30 PM
      John Berendt
      City of Falling Angels
      Radisson Hotel

      Tuesday, October 11! : Algonquin Books, Sugar Hill Records and Makers
      Mark present, The Best of The South. Michael Knight, Jill McCorkle and
      Thomas McNeely, contributing writers to the awesome anthology of the
      same name will read from their stories and chat about their work.
      Between each author's talk, Sugar Hill recording star Scott Miller will
      play and sing from his CD of the same name. AND...............Makers
      Mark will provide an open bar during the entertainment and through the
      Tuesday,  October 11 - 6:00 PM
      Michael Knight, Jill McCorkle, Thomas McNeely, Scott Miller
      Best of the South
      The Alabama Booksmith

      Wednesday, October 12: Rick Bragg, who wrote the introduction to Picture
      Taker, will accompany Ken Elkins signing copies of the most beautiful
      photography book of the year. Mr. Elkins, who photographed every
      president back to Eisenhower, as well as Walt Disney, Billy Graham and
      many other well know personalities, will also! bring a collection of
      prints for sale. We will have all previous Rick Bragg titles.

      Joining these two former Alabama newspaper legends, is the most read
      writer in our state's history. Even if you don't consider his seventeen
      books, his newspaper columns and stories were devoured by 200,000  -
      three times a week for forty years. Clyde Bolton will sign copies of his
      new memoir, Stop the Presses (So I Can Get Off): Tales from 40 Years of
      Sports Writing.
      Wednesday, October 12 - 5:00 PM
      Rick Bragg & Ken Elkins
      Picture Taker
      Clyde Bolton
      Stop the Presses (So I Can Get Off): Tales from 40 Years of Sports
      The Alabama Booksmith

      Thursday, October 13: The prestigious Oxford University Press has just
      published Jim Cobb's,  Away Down South: A History of Southern Identity.
      The former president of the Southern Historical Society and
      award-winning author, will sign copies and answer questions about, "What
      makes the South tick". Those of us who love and try to unde! rstand this
      special and complex region, will appreciate these unique and powerful
      insights into the South's inherent contradictions.
      Thursday, October 13  - 5:00 PM
      James C. Cobb
      Away Down South: A History of Southern Identity
      The Alabama Booksmith

      WHEW! If that's not enough, this is the week that begins our Signed
      First Editions Club. Readers and collectors from around the country have
      jumped on the bandwagon. So you won't get left out, do not pass GO. Head
      straight to http://www.alabamabooksmith.com

      Y'all Come!

      The Booksmith Gang
      The Alabama Booksmith
      2626 19th Place
      Homewood, AL 35209

      Don?t forget to e-mail us before you change addresses. We purge a
      handful of
      undeliverable invitations after each mailing. If you wish to be removed
      from our invitation list, please reply. Likewise, please forward to good
      reading friends. Your e-mail address is kept absolutely confidential. We
      will NEVER, EVER sell or loan this list to anyone under any
      circumstances. Lastly, if you received this notice by forward from a
      friend and would like to join Alabama?s literati, please request same.
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