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FW: Alabamiana from NewSouth Books: intriguing blend of history/memoir

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      Subject: Alabamiana from NewSouth Books: intriguing blend of

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      Suzanne La Rosa <Suzanne@...>
      09/28/2005 09:55 AM

      ..... a new title from NewSouth Books, called Deep Family. This book has
      just shipped into our warehouse. I believe it will be of some interest
      to you.

      For your further information: Dallas Read, the 93 year-old co-author of
      this book, comes to Montgomery for a reception in her honor at the
      historic Mary Baldwin House on Sunday, 10/16 (2pm, at 402 S. Perry
      Street). The event is co-sponsored by Landmarks Foundation. Would love
      to have you join us there.

      Best regards,
      Suzanne La Rosa
      Publisher, NewSouth Books
      PO Box 1588, Montgomery, AL 36102
      334-538-1951 (ph); 334-834-3557 (fax)

      For information, contact Suzanne La Rosa / suzanne@...

      History, gossip, name-dropping
      and personal lore combine in a rolicking saga of Montgomery's famous
      Montgomery, Ala. ? Montgomerians still talk about Hazel Hedge, the site
      of famous parties attended by a cross-section of the political and
      popular elite from around the world.  So too do Montgomerians remember
      the Read, Baldwin, and Craik families, whose lineage is chronicled in
      Deep Family, from the American Revolution to World War II and beyond,
      including the dawn and twilight of their family home, Hazel Hedge.
       Written by noted filmmaker Nicholas Read?son of Jean Craik Read, the
      grande dame of Hazel Hedge?with his wife, writer Dallas Read, Deep
      Family is part American saga, part tell-all book?and completely
      Moreover, Deep Family is an important examination of race relations in
      the South over hundreds of years.  The book's title comes from the Read
      family's long-time black servant, Ben Miller, who noted at the dinner
      after Jean Read's funeral that "all de deep family be here."  As
      Nicholas Read writes, "Everyone understoo! d that [Ben] was included [in
      the statement], but he didn't sit down t o join us. It just wasn't done.
      Some things were too deeply ingrained."  Prominent in this book is freed
      slave Jim Hale, friend of the 1800s Baldwin clan, who after the Civil
      War built the well-known "four sister" houses that still stand in
      Montgomery today. Deep Family equally follows both the Southerners who
      fought against secession before the Civil War, and later, those white
      and black in Alabama who rallied for civil rights.

      Deep Family delights readers of many interests with its multitude of
      colorful cameos.  Within find George Washington, William Lowndes Yancey,
      Greta Garbo, Rosa Parks, John Dos Passos, Tallulah Bankhead, and as
      Alabama historian Mary Ann Neeley writes in her introduction, "scores of
      the known and the unknown ranging from the conservative right to the
      ultra-left."  The Reads culled tales from thousands of notes, letters
      and documents collected by Jean Craik Read, bringing genuine Southern
      voice to the book.

      Nicholas Read ! also directed the film Hazel Hedge: A Montgomery Memory,
      available on DVD.  He and Dallas Read collaborated on Deep Family until
      Mr. Read's death in 1998.  Mrs. Read, now in her nineties, lives and
      writes in Bethesda, Maryland.


      Deep Family, available Oct. 2005 through local bookstores, chain/online
      retailers, or from NewSouth Books's distributor: 800-222-9796. ISBN:
      1-58838-178-1. Trade cloth, $35.95.

      Hazel Hedge: A Montgomery Memory will be available in October 2005 from
      NewSouth Books: 334-834-3556.  DVD, $25.00
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