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FW: Southern Spaces

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      Subject: Southern Spaces

      Southern Spaces


      Publisher: Southern Spaces

      An Emory University Digital Library Research Initiative

      Southern Spaces is an internet journal and scholarly forum, sponsored by
      Emory University and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which provides
      access to peer-reviewed essays, gateways, events and conferences,
      and performances, and annotated weblinks on the American South.

      The Editorial Board is commissioning online contextual materials on the
      South, using ideas of place and space as organizing principles. Areas of
      emphasis include: Arts and Media; Economy and Social Class; Environment;
      Foodways, Traditions, and Rituals; History; Gender and Sexuality;
      Geographies; Literature and Language; Politics and Government; Race and
      Ethnicity; Religion; Social Movements and Sports and Leisure. Southern
      Spaces currently welcomes inquiries from those who are interested in
      publishing materials on this site.

      Southern Spaces is currently supported by the Robert W. Woodruff Library
      Emory University and is freely available to individuals and
      Members of the editorial board oversee the rigorous peer review process
      the journal and help to set standards that ensure the quality of the
      journal. Copyright of essays and other content is retained by the
      with limited rights granted to Southern Spaces in order to ensure the
      journal's maintenance of the submissions online and in its archives. The
      Robert W. Woodruff Library will maintain the archive as part of its
      Library Research Initiatives. All Southern Spaces publications will
      at their URL addresses permanently.

      The online format of this journal enables authors to include color
      videos, and sound clips with their submissions. The author must own all
      submitted images, videos, and sound clips or must obtain permission from
      copyright holder(s) to use all images, videos, and sound clips prior to

      This journal provides open access to all of its content on the principle
      that making research freely available to the public supports a greater
      global exchange of knowledge. Such access is associated with increased
      readership and increased citation of an author's work.

      ISSN 1551-2754

      Managing Editor:

      Katherine Skinner
      Southern Spaces
      Robert W. Woodruff Library
      Emory University
      540 Asbury Circle
      Atlanta, Georgia 30322-2870

      Phone: 404 712 2504
      Fax: 404 727 0827
      Email: kskinne@...

      Content available online.

      Current Issue: June 2005

      Date: 8 August 2005
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