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Alabama History/Culture in the News: 26-31 March & Bonus Link

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  • Amos J Wright
    fyi...ajwright@uab.edu Listings since July 2002 are also at http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews0.htm as well as in the archives of alabamahistory at Yahoo:
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      Listings since July 2002 are also at http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews0.htm  

      as well as in the archives of alabamahistory at Yahoo:


      Listings prior to that date are in the archives.


      Material in brackets are my additions. Items are listed more or less in reverse chronological order within each section.


      All links are working at the time I send this email and post them to the web page listing. Some of the longer URLs may wrap to the next line; you may need to copy and paste in order to get the entire link into your browser. If that doesn't work, go to the appropriate listings page [start at http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews0.htm   ] and try from there. You can also copy the link and paste it into Word and see if that straightens it out.


      A listing of Alabama history links can be found at http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistory.htm   

      Please send me information on broken links you find or links I don't have listed!


      Feel free to forward this email as desired....










      **City women in civil rights film

      `Mighty Times' shows troubles of children in Birmingham area
      Birmingham News 31 March 2005



      ** Abandoned shack brings reminder of a sharecropper's life in old South
      [in Hillsboro ]
      Decatur Daily 31 March 2005



      ** 1980 March 31: Jesse Owens of 1936 Berlin Olympics fame died in AZ at 66.
      FROM: Poor Gabriel's Almanac poorgabriel@...



      **Yesterday's News [in Mobile in 1855, 1905, etc.]
      Mobile Register 31 March 2005



      ** Alabama 's history is full of strange gubernatorial elections
      Hartselle Enquirer 30 March 2005



      ** Civil War photos, Titanic to be discussed at library [ North Shelby ]
      Another time and way of life will be the focus April 7, with the presentation "Imaging the Civil War: Alabama Photography in the 1860s."]
      Birmingham News 30 March 2005




      ** Restored Nygren [house, built in 1923] set to be Norwood Resource Center
      Birmingham News 30 March 2005



      ** Historic Clay house poses problem for future ballpark
      Birmingham News 30 March 2005



      **Yesterday's News [in Mobile in 1855, 1905, etc.]
      Mobile Register 30 March 2005



      **Return of the blooms

      First plants arrive for rebirth of Delano Park 's rose garden
      [park built in 1898]
      Decatur Daily 29 March 2005

      **Black Caucus asks for new investigation of 1965 fatal shooting
      Montgomery Advertiser 29 March 2005



      **Documentary Criticized for Re-enacted Scenes

      "With filmmakers creating a tempest over the undisclosed use of re-enactments in this year's Oscar-winning documentary short, 'Mighty Times: The Children's March,' the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has initiated a review of its eligibility rules for documentaries.  Although re-enactments are a staple of documentary filmmaking and explicitly allowed by the academy, some documentary filmmakers are questioning the ethics of Bobby Houston and Robert Hudson's unflagged use of a technique Mr. Houston and Mr. Hudson call "faux doc" in portraying the 1963 civil rights protest by thousands of children in Birmingham , Ala. The filmmakers, based in Ojai , Calif. , recreated scenes using vintage cameras and distressed film stock to shoot more than 700 extras, trained dogs and period automobiles and fire engines on various locations in Southern California ."


      New York Times 29 March 2005



      ** 1980 March 31- Jesse Owens joins the ancestors in Tucson , Arizona at the age of 66,

              and President Jimmy Carter adds his voice to the tributes that pour

              in from around the world.  Jesse won four gold medals in track at

              the Berlin Olympics in 1936.


      1990 March 28- President Bush posthumously awards the Congressional Gold Medal to

              Jesse Owens and presents it to his widow ten years after he joins

              the ancestors. In 1936, Jesse Owens won four Olympic Track and

              Field gold medals in a single day in Berlin . The 1936 Berlin

              Olympics, the last Olympic Games before the outbreak of WWII, were

              hosted by the Nazi Germans, who intended the event as a showcase

              of their racist theories of the superiority of the "Aryan" race.

              But a 23-year-old African-American named Jesse Owens shattered

              their plans, along with several world records, when he dashed to

              victory in the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints, anchored the

              victorious 400-meter relay team, and won the broad jump. President

              George Bush adds the Congressional Gold Medal to Owens's collection.

              Congress had voted the award in recognition of Owens's humanitarian

              contributions.  After his athletic career, he had devoted his energy

              and his name to organizations providing opportunities to

              underprivileged youth.


      1958 March 28- William Christopher (W.C.) Handy joins the ancestors in New York

              City at the age of 85.  In the same year, the movie of his life,

              "St. Louis Blues" is released, starring Nat King Cole as Handy.

      FROM: Today in Black History http://maelstrom.stjohns.edu/archives/Munirah.html  



      ** Alabama Constitution: A history of regression

      Following is the third in a series of columns by members of the Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform.


      Decatur Daily 27 March 2005



      **RICMBA Archives stresses value of knowing church history

      Athens News-Courier 26 March 2005







      ** Local author to sign books
      ["Fairhope author Joseph H. Hilley will sign copies of his legal thriller, "Sober Justice..."]
      Mobile Register 27 March 2005






      **Richard Dale, pioneer [black] physician, dies at 60
      Birmingham News 31 March 2005



      ** Ex-Sen. Heflin dies at 83
      Montgomery Advertiser 30 March 2005



      ** Sen. Heflin dies at 83: Senate holds a moment of silence http://www.decaturdaily.com/decaturdaily/news/050330/heflin1.shtml

         MONTGOMERY — Former U.S. Sen. Howell Heflin, a popular, joke-telling Alabama politician who served as chief justice before becoming an arbiter of senatorial behavior during three terms in Washington, has died, family and associates said Tuesday. He was 83.
      Decatur Daily 30 March 2005



      ** Decatur attorney lauds Heflin's contributions
      Decatur Daily 30 March 2005



      ** Howell Heflin, Former Alabama Senator, Dies at 83
      New York Times 30 March 2005



      ** Tom Bevill, Former Congressman, Dies at 84
      New York Times 30 March 2005



      ** Bevill impact remembered in Marshall

      Cannon recalls projects backed by late congressman
      Huntsville Times 30 March 2005



      **[Edward] Moseley, longtime professor at UA, dies


      Tuscaloosa News 29 March 2005



      **Tenn-Tom key player, Tom Bevill, dies at 84

      Jasper Democrat represented Alabama district for 30 years


      Tuscaloosa News 29 March 2005



      **Tom Bevill dead


         JASPER — Democratic U.S. Rep. Bud Cramer of Huntsville on Monday lamented the death of former U.S. Rep. Tom Bevill, a Jasper Democrat who became known as "The King of Pork" during three decades in Congress.

      Decatur Daily 29 March 2005



      **Bonus Link



      ** University of Montevallo 's Third Annual Literary Festival April 8-9






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