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FW: Southern Women Writers and the World (3/31/05; 9/22/05-9/24/05)

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      Subject: CFP: Southern Women Writers and the World (3/31/05;

      Call for Papers

      Southern Women Writers and the World: Sixth Biennial Southern Women
      Writers Conference

      Berry College, Rome, GA September 22-24, 2005

      Featured speakers include: Tina Ansa, Carmen Deedy, Trudier Harris,
      Elizabeth Spencer, Sidney Wade, Patricia Yaeger. Music by the Magnolia

      Recent publications in southern studies have drawn on developments in
      "New World" studies to problematize conventional definitions of "the
      South" and "the southerner," drawing comparisons between the southern
      U.S. and other plantation societies in the Western Hemisphere. Others
      examine the history and current state of international cultural
      transactions made by writers from the southern U.S. and by non-U.S.
      writers who have written about the U.S. South, or trace the region's
      currents of immigration in the past and present. We invite critical and
      creative submissions that explore any aspects of southern women's
      writing, but we are particularly interested in submissions that address
      the ways in which women writers and artists have participated in or
      reacted to these global transactions, including but not limited to:

      * canonical and non-canonical works of fiction, poetry,
      autobiography, and drama

      * non-discursive works (film, photography, performance art,

      * works by non-U.S. southerners set within the traditional
      boundaries of the U.S. South

      * works by native U.S. southerners set outside the
      traditional boundaries of the U.S.

      * works set in the cosmopolitan/immigrant South

      * works set in distinctive sub-regions of the South that
      reflect non-English cultural traditions (Appalachia, Sea Islands,
      Acadiana, etc.)

      We especially encourage theoretical and disciplinary approaches that
      seek to remap the conventional boundaries of the southeastern U.S.

      Please send 300-word abstracts or completed papers that can be read
      aloud in twenty minutes. If submitting a proposal for a panel, please
      include the names of participants and abstracts for individual papers.

      Since its inception in 1994, the Southern Women Writers Conference has
      been devoted to showcasing the works of well-known and emerging southern
      women writers, expanding the literary canon, and developing critical and
      theoretical understandings of the tradition of southern women's writing.

      All submissions should be sent no later than March 31, 2005 and may be
      sent via e-mail as attachments in MS Word format to swwc@... or by
      regular mail to

      Southern Women Writers Conference; Berry College; Box 490350; Mt. Berry,
      GA 30149

      Requests for multi-media equipment should accompany submissions.

      For more information, visit the conference website at

      From the Literary Calls for Papers Mailing List
      Full Information at
      or write Jennifer Higginbotham: higginbj@...
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