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FW: Daily Dose: By Order of the President

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    fyi...W.E.B. Griffin is one of Alabama s best-selling authors...ajwright@uab.edu ... From: dailydose@powells.com [mailto:dailydose@powells.com] Sent: Thursday,
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      fyi...W.E.B. Griffin is one of Alabama's best-selling

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      Today's Dose is recommended by William from Lake Worth, Florida

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      "By Order of the President"
      by W. E. B. Griffin

      A new romp from an established series. W.E.B. writes anew what
      many hope our government is doing. You can't put it down.

      Over the years, W.E.B. Griffin's stories of the military and police,
      told with crackling realism and rich characters, have won him
      millions of fans and acclaim as "the dean of the American war
      adventure" (Publishers Weekly). Now he vaults into the present
      day with a series as exciting as anything he has ever written.

      At an airfield in Angola, two men board a leased Boeing 727; then,
      once it is in the air, slit the pilot's throat and fly to parts
      unknown. The consternation is immediate, as the CIA, FBI, FAA,
      and other agencies race to find out what has happened, in the
      process elbowing each other in the sides a little too vigorously.
      Fed up, the President of the United States turns to an outside
      investigator to determine the truth, an Army intelligence officer
      serving as special assistant to the Director of Homeland Security.

      Major Carlos Guillermo Castillo, known as Charley, is the son
      of a German mother and a Tex-Mex father, a Medal of Honor winner
      who died in Vietnam. A pilot, West Point graduate, and veteran
      of Desert Storm and the Special Forces, Castillo has a sharp eye
      for the facts -- and the reality behind the facts. Traveling undercover,
      he flies to Africa, and there, helped and hindered by unexpected
      allies and determined enemies, begins to untangle a story of frightening
      dimensions -- a story that, unless he can do something about it,
      will end very, very badly.

      "A bedtime book for Arnold's Terminator to enjoy."
      -- Kirkus Reviews

      "Part of Griffin's appeal is his dogged attention to detail....
      [E]ven the most jargon-laden exchanges between officers -- the
      kind of gritty talk best delivered with a well-chewed stub of
      cigar between the teeth -- are filled with camaraderie and go
      down easily."
      -- Andrew Santella, The New York Times Book Review

      "[T]ypical Griffin, which means plenty of action, high-level intrigue,
      interesting characters, flip dialog, romance, and a whole lot
      of drinking and other carrying on. His fans will enjoy it immensely."
      --Library Journal

      "When a military novel arrives on the scene at a time of war,
      it has a certain poignancy. When it does so with Griffin's utter
      realism, there is an urgency to the message. By Order of the President
      handily exposes dozens of ways intelligence organizations could
      easily allow another September 11 to happen just by making their
      chief objective covering their own asses. No wonder the novel
      is so popular."
      -- Sacha Zimmerman, The New

      Hardcover (New and Used) starting at $18.50 (List price $26.95)
      Mp3 Cd (New) $29.95
      Audio Cassette (New) $36.95
      Compact Disc (New) $44.95

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