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Alabama History/Culture in the News: 28 January-1 February & Bonus Links

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  • Amos J Wright
    fyi...ajwright@uab.edu Listings since July 2002 are also at http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews0.htm as well as in the archives of alabamahistory at Yahoo.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005


      Listings since July 2002 are also at http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews0.htm
      as well as in the archives of alabamahistory at Yahoo.

      Material in brackets are my additions. Items are listed more or less in reverse chronological order within each section.

      A listing of Alabama history links can be found at http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistory.htm
      Please send me information on broken links you find or links I don't have listed!

      Feel free to forward this email as desired....



      **Yesterday's News [in Mobile in 1855, 1905, etc.]
      Mobile Register 1 February 2005

      **Historic items from capsule in deep freeze
      New York lab tries to dry 1955 artifacts for public display here next month
      Huntsville Times 31 January 2005

      **Native American site found south of city
      Montgomery Advertiser 31 January 2005

      **1902 January 31: Tallulah Brockman Bankhead, actor (Lifeboat, A Royal Scandal)[is born.]
      FROM: Poor Gabriel's Almanac poorgabriel@...

      **Yesterday's News [in Mobile in 1855, 1905, etc.]
      Mobile Register 31 January 2005

      **The Ghost Lady
      One of Alabama's beloved storytellers has her own tale to tell [K.T. Windham]
      Tuscaloosa News 30 January 2005

      **1965 January 30- Leroy "Satchel" Paige, major league baseball player, is named
              all-time outstanding player by the National Baseball Congress.
      FROM: Today in Black History http://maelstrom.stjohns.edu/archives/Munirah.html

      **Oak Place was an innovation in 1800s
      City's Greek Revival,split-level home set for public tours
      Huntsville Times 29 January 2005

      **All animals are special - some even more so
      Hall of Fame to add AU eagle, space monkey, dog, but no cat
      Huntsville Times 29 January 2005


      **Fictional Huntsville shines in 'Constellation' screening
      Invited audience gets 1st look at film shot here in spring
      Huntsville Times 30 January 2005

      **Harper Lee visits UA for essay contest
      Tuscaloosa News 29 January 2005

      **'Alabama Alive' features Eufaula's best attributes
      Eufaula Tribune 28 January 2005


      **Coley Wallace, a Boxer and Actor, Dies at 77
      [played Joe Louis is two films, "The Joe Louis Story" and "Raging Bull"]
      New York Times 1 February 2005

      **Weather observer Leroy Gates dies
      "Leroy Gates, a retired employee of the Thomasville Times and a cooperative weather observer for more than half a century, died Sunday at a Mobile hospital. He was 92."
      Mobile Register 1 February 2005

      **Editorial writer dies at 79 [Bill McDonald]
      Montgmery Advertiser 31 January 2005

      **Hundreds journey to honor [Carolyn] Blount
      Montgomery Advertiser 29 January 2005

      **Unsung civil rights hero dies in Detroit [Sarah Evans]
      "It started with a promise. In 1965, when Viola Liuzzo, a white housewife, decided to go to Alabama and help register black voters, she asked Evans, her best friend and her black employee, if she would help raise her children if anything happened to her. Evans agreed."
      Detroit Free-Press 29 January 2005

      **Bonus Links etc

      **Alabama Mosaic
      Designed as a collaborative statewide initiative, The Cornerstone Project is a way to make various historical treasures from Alabama's archives, libraries, museums, and other repositories accessible over the Web both to residents of the state and a diverse set of interested parties. The funding for this project came from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and includes materials from 13 different organizations, including Auburn University, Spring Hill College, and the Birmingham Public Library. All of the collections may be accessed through a helpful search engine, or browsed by thematic category. The categories include education, folklife, literature, religion, and transportation. The cities and towns area offers a nice glimpse into urban life in the American South, and includes several dozen excellent images taken from the Birmingham Historical Photo Collection. Visitors with a penchant for steamboats will appreciate the rather interesting collection of digitized steamboat ephemera, most of which dates from the post-Civil War period. [KMG]
      FROM: The Scout Report V11 N5 28 January 2005

      **Call for Papers
      Proposed Special Session for South Atlantic Modern Language Association
      Convention (Nov. 4-6, 2005, Atlanta, GA)

      "Southward the Course of Empire"

      This panel will address various connections among the U.S. South, its
      literary and cultural productions, and U.S. imperialism.  Papers may be from
      any historical period and address a range of subjects; for example:

      - how images of the South as colonized by the North are complicated by the
      South's own imperial histories, antebellum as well as postbellum.
      - how discourses surrounding race, gender, or nationality link southern
      texts with broader U.S. imperial movements.
      - how southern writers have addressed such subjects as frontier expansion,
      Manifest Destiny, and the civilizing mission.
      - how southern texts have circulated in imperial contexts.

      Please send 300-word abstracts and a brief vita by March 1, 2005 to

      Jeremy Wells
      Assistant Professor of English
      Southern Illinois University

      Office: Faner 2282; phone: 618-453-6844


      A.J. Wright, M.L.S.
      Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
      Section on the History of Anesthesia

      Department of Anesthesiology Library
      University of Alabama at Birmingham
      619 19th Street South, JT965
      Birmingham AL 35249-6810

      205-975-5963 [fax]



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