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FW: Daily Dose: Tallulah!: the Life and Times of a Leading Lady

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      "Tallulah!: The Life and Times of a Leading Lady"
      by Joel Lobenthal

      Outrageous, outspoken, and uninhibited, Tallulah Bankhead was
      an actress known as much for her vices -- cocaine, alcohol, hysterical
      tirades, and scandalous affairs with both men and women -- as
      she was for her winning performances on stage. In 1917, a
      Bankhead boldly left her established Alabama political family
      and fled to New York City to sate her relentless need for attention
      and become a star. Five years later, she crossed the Atlantic,
      immediately taking her place as a fixture in British society and
      the most popular actress in London's West End. By the time she
      returned to America in the 1930s, she was infamous for throwing
      marathon parties, bedding her favorite costars, and neglecting
      to keep her escapades a secret from the press. At times, her notoriety
      distracted her audience from her formidable talent and achievements
      on stage and dampened the critical re-sponse to her work. As Bankhead
      herself put it, "they like me to 'Tallulah,' you know -- dance
      and sing and romp and fluff my hair and play reckless parts."
      Still, her reputation as a wild, witty, over-the-top leading lady
      persisted until the end of her life at the age of sixty-six.

      From her friendships with such entertainment luminaries as Tennessee
      Williams, Estelle Winwood, Billie Holiday, Noël Coward, and Marlene
      Dietrich, to the intimate details of her family relationships
      and her string of doomed romances, Joel Lobenthal has captured
      the private essence of the most public star during theater's golden
      age. Larger-than-life as she was, friends saw through Bankhead's
      veneer of humor and high times to the heart of a woman who often
      felt second-best in her father's eyes, who longed for the children
      she was unableto bear, and who forced herself into the spotlight
      to hide her deep-seated insecurities.

      Drawn from scores of exclusive interviews, as well as previously
      untapped information from Scotland Yard and the FBI, this is the
      essential biography of Tallulah Bankhead. Having spent twenty-five
      years researching Bankhead's life, Joel Lobenthal tells her
      story, as told to him by her closest friends, enemies, lovers,
      and employees. Several have broken decadelong silences; many have
      given Lobenthal their final interviews. The result is the story
      of a woman more complex, more shocking, and yet more nuanced than
      her notorious legend suggests.

      "Critic Lobenthal (the New York Times, Playbill, etc.) began researching
      Tallulah Bankhead (1902 -- 1968) as an undergraduate. Twenty-five
      years later, his exhaustively researched biography is the definitive,
      gloves-off evocation of the life of the brazen stage and screen
      actress so roundly ahead of her time."
      -- Publishers Weekly

      "The word 'legend' gets tossed around so lightly these days that
      it's a treat to bite into the life of a real legend, Tallulah
      Bankhead, a sacred monster and scandalizer who tore down the curtain
      between onstage and off. Idol of drag queens, first countess of
      Camp, sexual devourer of men and women alike, she drags her mink
      coat through the pages of Joel Lobenthal's biography with the
      bravura that made her a star. It's all here, the extravagant highs
      and the lonesome lows. 'Tallulah!' earns its exclamation mark."
      -- James Wolcott, Vanity Fair columnist and author of 'The Catsitters'
      and 'Attack Poodles'

      Hardcover (New and Used) starting at $20.00 (List price $29.95)

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