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Alabama History/Culture in the News: 24 November-7 December & Bonus Links

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  • Amos J Wright
    fyi...ajwright@uab.edu [I m experimenting with a new format; let me know what you think!!] Listings since July 2002 are also at
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      [I'm experimenting with a new format; let me know what you think!!]

      Listings since July 2002 are also at http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews0.htm
      as well as in the archives of alabamahistory at Yahoo.

      Material in brackets are my additions. Items are listed more or less in reverse chronological order within each section.

      A listing of Alabama history links can be found at http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistory.htm
      Please send me information on broken links you find or links I don't have listed!

      Feel free to forward this email as desired....


      **Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters 15
      The History Channel http://www.historychannel.org/
      Wednesday, December 8, 7-8PM CST
      [A segment of this episode will be devoted to the Sultana steamboat disaster, in which many freed Union prisoners from Cahaba and Andersonville prisons were killed; see _Cahaba Prison and the Sultana Disaster_ by William O. Bryant for information about the Cahaba connections]



      **City unveils 1950s-era bus to celebrate boycott anniversary
      Montgomery Advertiser 7 December 2004

      **Landmark drugstore closes [Parkview Drug in Tuscaloosa]
      Montgomery Advertiser 7 December 2004

      **Yesterday's News [in Mobile in 1854, 1904, etc.]
      Mobile Register 7 December 2004

      **'Mouse' preserved in college's time capsule [Spring Hill College]
      Montgomery Advertiser 6 December 2004

      **History fills rare house after restoration
      [1830 Houston-Rice House in Somerville, Morgan Co.]
      Montgomery Advertiser 6 December 2004

      **Bus a reminder of pain, progress
      Montgomery Advertiser 6 December 2004

      **Who is Rosa Parks?
      Simple act inspired generation, but woman behind it troubled by the importance assigned it
      Decatur Daily 5 December 2004

      **Yesterday's News [in Mobile in 1854, 1904, etc.]
      Mobile Register 4 December 2004

      **Sconed by a space rock - and then the headaches started [meteorite & Mrs. Hodges]
      The arrival of a cosmic doorstop lured the air force, the landlord and their lawyers, and ended in heartache, writes Adam Jones.
      Sydney [Australia] Morning Herald 3 December 2004

      **First United Methodist razes apartments
      Decatur's oldest church expands for the fifth time
      Decatur Daily 3 December 2004

      **Digging into history [Ala. Archaeological Soc. 50th anniversary meeting]
      Decatur Daily 2 December 2004

      **"Crimson Classics" Series to Unveil
      The Paul W. Bryant Museum at The University of Alabama will present the first installment of its "Crimson Classics" series on the University's WVUA-7 television station on Sunday, Dec. 5 at 3 p.m. The one-hour broadcast is the first in a series highlighting some of the most exciting victories in the history of Crimson Tide football.
      AUTigers.com 1 December 2004 [from BamaMag.com]

      **1985 December 7- Bo Jackson of Auburn University wins the Heisman Trophy.

      1931 December 7- Comer Cottrell is born in Mobile, Alabama.  In 1970, he will
              become founder and president of Pro-line Corporation, the
              largest African American-owned business in the southwest, which
              he will start with $ 600 and a borrowed typewriter.  An
              entrepreneur with a wide range of interests, Cottrell will
              also become the first African American to own a part of a
              major league baseball team, the Texas Rangers, in 1989.

      1875 December 6- The Forty-Fourth Congress of 1875-1877 convenes with a high of
              eight African Americans taking office.  They are Senator Blanche
              K. Bruce of Mississippi and congressmen Jeremiah Haralson of
              Alabama, Josiah T. Walls of Florida, John Roy Lynch of
              Mississippi, John A. Hyman of North Carolina, Charles E. Nash
              of Louisiana,; and Joseph H. Rainey and Robert Smalls of South

      1957 December 5- Martin Luther King Jr. is awarded the NAACP's Spingarn Medal for
              his leadership of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

      1955 December 5- The Montgomery bus boycott begins as a result of Rosa Parks'
              refusal to ride in the back of a city bus four days earlier.
              At a mass meeting at the Holt Street Baptist Church, Martin
              Luther King Jr. is elected president of the boycott organization.
              The boycott will last a little over a year and be the initial
              victory in the civil rights struggle of African Americans in the
              United States.

      1915 December 4- The Ku Klux Klan receives its charter from Fulton County,
              Georgia Superior Court. The modern Klan will spread to Alabama
              and other Southern states and reach the height of its influence
              in the twenties.  By 1924, the organization will be strong in
              Oklahoma, Indiana, California, Oregon, Indiana, and Ohio, and
              have an estimated four million members.

      1962 November 30- Bo Jackson is born in Bessemer, Alabama.  The 1985 Heisman
              Trophy winner will be one of the few professional athletes
              to play in two sports - football and baseball.

      1880 November 24- More than 150 delegates from Baptist Churches in eleven states
              organize the Baptist Foreign Mission Convention of the United
              States at a meeting in Montgomery, Alabama. The Rev. William
              H. McAlphine is elected president.
      FROM: Today in Black History http://maelstrom.stjohns.edu/archives/Munirah.html


      **The Truman Show
      [review of _Complete Short Stories_ and a volume of selected letters by Truman Capote]
      New York Times 5 December 2004


      **[no listings this issue]

      **Bonus Links

      Select Programming Highlights
      Week of December 6 - December 12

      Seconds From Disaster: "Wreck of the Sunset Limited"
      at 8 p.m. ET/PT
      A towboat captain doesn't realize that his barge has collided
      with a railroad bridge. Meanwhile nearby, a train is heading
      straight toward the damaged bridge at nearly 75 mph. Examine
      Amtrak's worst accident.
      [NGC, like the History Channel and others, tends to repeat
      programs frequently; "Seconds from Disaster" is a regular
      program on the channel]


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