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FW: Meet Brewster Milton Robertson [Alabama author]

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      Subject: Meet Brewster Milton Robertson

      The Capitol Book Newsletter
      Monday, November 15, 2004

      Today's Contents;
      1. Brewster Robertson Here Today
      2. Fannie Flagg in Two Weeks!
      3. Your Favorites

      Alabama Author Here Today
      We're very pleased to have Brewster Milton Robertson here TODAY, TUESDAY
      NOVEMBER 16 FROM 4-6 PM. Brewster, who lives in Fairhope, has written a
      bawdy novel, A Posturing of Fools, set in the Greenbrier Resort in West
      Virginia during a medical convention heralding the introduction of a new
      drug, Virectra, which is just the sort of drug you'd think it was if you
      thought about its name. And what happens in the novel is just the sort
      of thing you might imagine at a convention held to introduce such a

      Brewster is a renaissance man, having earned a living as a farmer, drug
      salesman, Army Medical Service officer, and model, among other things. A
      Posturing of Fools is his third novel. We hope you'll plan to come meet
      Brewster this afternoon. If you can't, we'll be glad to reserve a copy
      of the book for you. ($27.95 hardcover)

      Excitement Builds
      Lots and lots of buzz about the November 29 appearance at the store of
      Fannie Flagg, whose new Christmas book, A Redbird Christmas, is just
      about perfect. Cheryl loved it, and so will nearly anybody on your
      Christmas list. And unlike some must-have Christmas books, it's priced
      right, too - only $17.95 for a nice hardcover book that people will read
      every year from now on. Plan to come on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, the Monday
      after Thanksgiving.

      First Call
      Time to think about your favorite reads of 2004. We're ready to start
      compiling our annual list, or we should say YOUR annual list, so think
      about it a little, and when you get a chance, email us your thoughts
      about the best (and worst) books you've read this year. For some ideas
      on the type thing we're looking for, visit last year's list.

      Cheryl and Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      Voice 334.265.1473
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