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  • Amos J Wright
    fyi..ajwright@uab.edu ... From: The Alabama Booksmith [mailto:booksmith@mindspring.com] Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 7:35 PM To: Alabama s Literati
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2004

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      From: The Alabama Booksmith [mailto:booksmith@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 7:35 PM
      To: Alabama's Literati

      Hi Y'All-
      Extra special - last minute - can't wait - reply back now!

      Our homegirl, Fannie Flagg is coming to the Booksmith sometime in
      December. We can't set the date just yet as her publisher is pulling the
      strings and sending her all over the country.
      HOWEVER - Fannie Flagg is going to sneak in next week and sign copies of
      her sweet new book, A Redbird Christmas. The fictitious magical town in
      the book surely does resemble Fish River in South Alabama. It's a
      delightful read at the perfect time of year.

      Here's the deal - she's on a whirlwind tour for the next few weeks and
      although our lottery number did not come up with the publisher, Fannie
      is dropping by on her own, unofficially, and will sign books for you and
      your entire Christmas list. She'll even personalize. You can visit with
      her in December, but next week she'll be zipping in and zipping out
      We hope you will decide to buy stacks and stacks of this perfect gift
      and help us show the world's largest publisher that next time, they
      should send this superstar officially to The Booksmith. Please excuse
      our groveling, but we really, really need to outsell the chain stores on
      this book to make a point. At only 17.95, you can vote for us,
      regardless of your political leaning. We'll also have hardbacks of
      Standing in the Rainbow and Fried Green Tomatoes. We're going to wait
      right here for your order.

      We all thank you.
      The Booksmith Gang
      The Alabama Booksmith
      2626 19th Place
      Homewood, AL 35209

      Don't forget to e-mail us before you change addresses. We purge a
      handful of undeliverable invitations after each mailing. If you wish to
      be removed from our invitation list, please reply. Likewise, please
      forward to good reading friends. Your e-mail address is kept absolutely
      confidential. We will NEVER, EVER sell or loan this list to anyone under
      any circumstances. Lastly, if you received this notice by forward from a
      friend and would like to join Alabama's literati, please
      request same.
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