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FW: Madison Co. Records Center news

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  • Amos J Wright
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      Subject: Madison Co. Records Center news

      http://members.aol.com/LeeRoses/mcrc.html "Treasures" site
      http://co.madison.al.us/mcrc/ permanent files site

      Way back in our first marriage file for 1809 - 1829 we listed some
      marriages from missing Volume C which Gandrud had listed in her book.
      Our wonderful
      archivist has located Volume C stored in a cabinet in the courthouse
      basement! Evidently it was in such bad shape that it was recopied into
      parts of new
      Volumes 2 and 3 and sent away to be rebound. Vol. C was rebound into 2
      volumes -
      Vol. C part 1 and Vol. C part 2 and evidently "retired".
      In the process of transcribing, about a dozen or so marriages were
      omitted from Volumes 2 and 3 and there were a number of other errors.
      Volumes 2 and
      3 are also difficult to read because the transcriber had such poor
      penmanship. Volume C can be easily read and we will probably have quite
      a few name
      corrections done this next week.

      Marriages for 1910 and 1925 are now complete and added to the
      page as are a few hundred more Probate case files.

      Terry D. Lee - Volunteer
    • Amos J Wright
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        Subject: Madison Co. Records Center news

        http://co.madison.al.us/mcrc/ permanant site
        http://members.aol.com/leeroses/mcrc.html Treasures and partial

        files site

        I have started a new index of "Miscellaneous Court Files" on the
        Treasures site. The first items I will list are entries from early deed
        books. Before
        1850 there was no Probate court. Some early probate records and almost
        anything else that someone thought needed to be recorded were sometimes
        written in
        the deed books. One of these items I would like to mention here.
        In 1820 the business copartnership of Purdom and McAlister was
        dissolved. In Deed Book F there are 9 long pages listing alphabetically
        about 700 names
        of their customers. I have been told this was about 20 % of the
        population in
        1820. For anyone who wished to start work on a project to reconstruct an
        census or place an ancestor here in 1820 this is an excellant resource.
        Our archivist has also found a book entitled "Record of Wills,
        Inventories, and Other Records
        1818 - 1819" (that's close to the correct name anyway). I copied all the

        records and put them
        in the appropriate Probate case files. So, if you had an ancestor who
        during those years or shortly before and I had previously listed the
        file as
        "missing", it may not be "missing" any more.
        Additional papers may have also been added to other partial files.
        I've also added about 200 more probate cases to the index from the
        - 1894 time period and a couple more early business letterheads.
        Finally, I would like to announce that Lil Herrin has transcribed
        last of the 142 marriage volumes at the MCRC. That's 1809 - February
        1974 at an
        average of about 630 marriages per volume folks! Would you volunteer 4
        days a week for well over a year for such a project? Lil did. We owe her
        and a
        couple of others our everlasting gratitude.

        Terry D. Lee - volunteer
        Rhonda Larkin - archivist
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