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FW: Pulitzer Prize-nominated author signing tomorrow from 6-8 pm [Dr. Wayne Flynt]

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      Subject: Pulitzer Prize-nominated author signing tomorrow from 6-8 pm

      We are honored to host Pulitzer Prize-nominated author, Dr. J. Wayne
      Flynt, Distinguished Auburn University Professor of history, Tuesday the
      13th from 6-8 pm. Dr. Flynt will be reading from and discussing his
      newly-released "Alabama in the 20th Century: The Modern South."
      Dr. Flynt has lived in the south and taught at Southern
      institutions for most of his life. Dr. Flynt received his A.B. from
      Howard College and his M.S. and Ph.D. from Florida State University.
      After teaching at Samford University for eight years, Dr. Flynt taught
      history from 1977 to 1985 at Auburn University in Alabama. Dr. Flynt's
      research interests include Southern culture, Alabama politics, Southern
      religion, education reform, and poverty. Dr. Flynt has written numerous
      books including "Poor but Proud: Alabama's Poor Whites", "Mine, Mill
      and Microchip: A Chronicle of Alabama Enterprise", "Dixie's Forgotten
      People: The South's Poor Whites", "Cracker Messiah: Governor Sidney J.
      Catts of Florida", and "Duncan Upshaw Fletcher: Dixie's Reluctant
      Progressive". Dr. Flynt co-authored two books, "Taking Christianity
      to China: Alabama Missionaries in the Middle Kingdom, 1850-1950" and
      the definitive history, "Alabama: The History of a Deep South State."
      In addition, Dr. Flynt co-edited "Up Before Daylight: Life Histories
      from the Alabama Writers' Project, 1938-1939".
      "Alabama in the 20th Century" offers supporting arguments for
      both those who love and disdain the state. Alabama is a state full of
      contrasts. On the one hand, we have elected the lowest number of women
      to the state legislature of any state in the union; yet according to
      historians, Alabama has produced two of the ten most important American
      women of the 20th century - Helen Keller and Rosa Parks. Our people are
      fanatically devoted to conservative religious values; yet they openly
      idolize tarnished football programs as the source of their heroes.
      Citizens who are puzzled by Alabama's maddening resistance to change or
      its incredibly strong sense of tradition and community will find
      important clues and new understanding within these pages. Dr. Flynt,
      a native son who has lived, loved, taught, debated, and grieved within
      the state for 60 of the 100 years described, does not flinch from
      pointing out Alabama's failures, such as the woeful yoke of a 1901 state
      constitution -- the oldest one in the nation; neither does he hold back
      from calling attention to the state's triumphs against great odds, such
      as its phenomenal number of military heroes and gifted athletes, its
      dazzling array of writers, folk artists, and musicians, or its haunting
      physical beauty despite decades of abuse.
      Chapters are organized by topic - politics, the economy, education,
      African Americans, women, the military, sport, religion, literature,
      art, journalism - rather than chronologically, so the reader can digest
      the whole sweep of the century on a particular subject. Flynt's writing
      style is engaging, descriptive, free of clutter, yet based on sound
      scholarship. This book offers teachers and readers alike the vast range
      and complexity of Alabama's triumphs and low points in a defining
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