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Alabama History/Culture in the News: 5-8 October & Bonus Links

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  • Amos J Wright
    fyi...ajwright@uab.edu [I m experimenting with a new format; let me know what you think!!] Listings since July 2002 are also at
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2004


      [I'm experimenting with a new format; let me know what you think!!]

      Listings since July 2002 are also at http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews0.htm
      as well as in the archives of alabamahistory at Yahoo.

      Material in brackets are my additions. Items are listed more or less in reverse chronological order within each section.

      A listing of Alabama history links can be found at http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistory.htm
      Please send me information on broken links you find or links I don't have listed!

      Feel free to forward this email as desired....



      **Symposium to focus on historic Federal Road [October 16 in Monroeville]
      Mobile Register 8 October 2004

      **Tour features historical homes and churches [in Eutaw]
      Tuscaloosa News 8 October 2004

      **Union Station open for business [in Montgomery, built in 1898]
      Montgomery Advertiser 8 October 2004

      **Yesterday's News [in Mobile in 1854, 1904, etc.]
      Mobile Register 8 October 2004

      **North Alabama Treasure In Trouble [Joe Wheeler home]
      WHNT-TV [Huntsville] 7 October 2004

      **Pulitzer winner's son will be inducted into business hall of fame
      [James Buford Boone, Jr.]
      Tuscaloosa News 7 October 2004

      **Organizers proud of growth of Native American Festival [at Moundville]
      Tuscaloosa News 7 October 2004

      **Congress recognizes tragedy after 41 years [Bham church bombing]
      Montgomery Advertiser 7 October 2004

      **Yesterday's News [in Mobile in 1854, 1904, etc.]
      Mobile Register 7 October 2004

      **Bob Jones [H.S.] Hall of Fame honors 3 for their contributions
      Huntsville Times 6 October 2004

      **Yesterday's News [in Mobile in 1854, 1904, etc.]
      Mobile Register 6 October 2004

      **Disagreements delay Freedom Riders Museum [in Montgomery]
      Birmingham News 6 October 2004 3C [also Kaleidoscope (UAB) 5 October 2004 p2]

      **Cahaba Estates residents in struggle to stay rural
      Birmingham News 6 October 2004 9SC

      **The John R. Waddell Jr. Senior Health Center celebrates hospital's 50-plus years
      Athens News-Courier 5 October 2004

      **Work of pioneering woman artist comes to UAB art gallery [Alabama's Doris Thompson]
      Kaleidoscope [UAB] 5 October 2004 p8

      **1921 October 6- Joseph Echols Lowery is born in Huntsville, Alabama.  An early
              civil rights activist, he will become a founder, chairman of
              the board, and president of the Southern Christian Leadership
              Conference.  He will lead SCLC to great levels of civil rights
              activism including a 2,700-mile pilgrimage to extend and
              strengthen the Voting Rights Act, protesting toxic waste sites
              in African American communities, and actions against United
              States' corporations doing business in apartheid South Africa.

      1872 October 5- Booker T. Washington leaves Malden, West Virginia to enter Hampton

      1929 October 5- Autherine Lucy (later Foster) is born in Shiloh, Alabama. She will
              be the first African American student to enroll at the University
              of Alabama (1956).
      FROM: Today in Black History http://maelstrom.stjohns.edu/archives/Munirah.html


      **Festival features tall tale-tellin' [26th annual Alabama Tale Tellin' Festival, Selma]
      Tuscaloosa News 8 October 2004

      **Festival weaved of colorful yarns [in Selma]
      Montgomery Advertiser 8 October 2004

      **Praise Pours in for Roy Hoffman's CHICKEN DREAMING CORN

           Few novels receive praise from such varied publications as Entertainment Weekly and Southern Living. Even fewer--a lot fewer--receive praise from the reclusive writer Harper Lee. But Roy Hoffman's novel about Jewish immigrants in Mobile has done just that. CHICKEN DREAMING CORN was inspired by Hoffman's own family story--his grandfather owned a store in Mobile much like that of Morris Kleinman, the main character in the book. With this novel, Hoffman has turned a personal story into a universal one. He's told the story of an immigrant culture and in doing so has vividly portrayed part of America's history, as only the best novels can do.
           CHICKEN DREAMING CORN is also a BookSense Pick for the month of October. Hoffman will be traveling around the South doing more than twenty readings in seven states through the holidays. Here are some words of praise for the book.

      "A story of great appeal in prose lean and clean. Congratulations to Roy Hoffman for his fine work."--Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird

      "CHICKEN DREAMING CORN is this city's great immigration novel."--John Sledge, The Mobile Register

      "Hoffman takes a poignant, illuminating look at immigrant Jews in the deep-dish South, inspired by his grandparents' lives at the turn of the century in Mobile, AL. . . . The past is never really over, and in Hoffman's world at least, the chicken gets the corn more often than not."--Entertainment Weekly

      "More than a novel about regional cultures, this Alabama author's story describes the melding of multiple races, religions and languages during the country's--and one family's--most devastating time. . . . In an author's note, Hoffman explains, 'Chicken dreaming corn is an expression my Romanian Jewish grandmother used to refer to the yearnings of ordinary folks for something special or extraordinary . . . I figure my grandmother gave an Alabama twist to the expression.' So, too, does the author with this novel."--Southern Living
      UGA Press Reader #3 5 October 2004


      **1956 Olympics gold medalist Mildred McDaniel Singleton dies at 70
      Montgomery Advertiser 6 October 2004

      **Bonus Links

      **Alabama Methodists: 1800 to the Present

      **Southern Spaces
      "Southern Spaces is an internet journal and scholarly forum, sponsored by Emory University and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which provides open access to peer-reviewed essays, gateways, events and conferences, interviews and performances, and annotated weblinks on the American South."


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