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Birmingham Arts Journal--latest issue

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  • Amos J Wright
    Meet the authors, artists and poets whose works appear in the pages of BIRMINGHAM ARTS JOURNAL An All-Volunteer Showcase for Artists and Authors FRIDAY,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2004
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      Meet the authors, artists and poets whose works appear in the pages of

      An All-Volunteer Showcase for Artists and Authors
      FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8, 6-8 P.M.

      At Little Market International
      3205 Second Avenue South
      Birmingham, Alabama 35233
      3 blocks east of Pepper Place

      At the reception, purchase your new copy of Birmingham Arts Journal and
      be astounded by the likes of Michael Ballew, Jerri Beck, Robert
      Benchley, Robert Boliek, Suzanne Coker, Holly Dotson, Doug Draime,
      Andrew Glaze, Mark Gooch, Peggy Gordon, Tom Gordon, Daisy Kimerling,
      Phil LaMoreaux, Java Lewis, Mary Susan Lewis, Lyn Lifshin, Carey A.
      Link, Reilly Maginn, Barry Marks, Gladys Norman, Sara Penrod, Jim
      Reed, Greg Schwartz, Frieda Stevenson, Terry Strickland, Drew Toler,
      Stephanie Wheeler, Diane Wood, Fil Woodbery, Fedra Yazdi

      Also, see the diverse and exciting art of Birmingham Art Association
      members, on display at the reception.

      Alabama's newest small-press series of quarterly books has published six
      titles so far, with the next one due October 8, 2004.

      The Birmingham Arts Journal, a series of art and literary collections in
      magazine format, is published for members of the non-profit Birmingham
      Art Association, and for subscribers. Copies are available in selected
      galleries, museums, book stores and shops. Current and earlier issues
      may be ordered through BirminghamArtAssociation.org and jimreedbooks.com
      for $4.00 each.

      "Some 120 authors and artists have been published to date in the
      Birmingham Arts Journal," says editor Jim Reed, who reports that the
      diversity of artistic contributions is unusual for a "literary/art"
      publication. "The fact that the journal is an all-volunteer effort
      (no-one is paid--the editing, proofing, selection and distribution is
      conducted by the editorial board) makes it all the more exciting and

      "So far, the Journal has remained on course, carefully selecting works
      from the young (fifth graders to college students), the mature
      (middle-agers to octogenarians), the foreign (from Iran to Russia to
      North America), the highly experienced (from prize-winning to famous),
      from angry to sweet, from romantic to edgy, from fantasy to hard-core
      reality, from Black to White with every shade in between, from rich to
      poor...all with the idea in mind of sharing damned good stories and
      images with readers and viewers who are willing to be surprised,
      informed and stimulated," says Reed. "If it's a story that must be told,
      if it's an image that must be seen, it will eventually make its way into
      our pages."


      Birmingham Arts Journal index
      FOR CUMULATIVE ISSUES through October 2004 a.d.
      Authors & artists
      Adams, Jack "The Kite" (non-fiction) 4-04
      Allen, William "The Usual" (poetry) 4-03
      Allison, Virginia "Seeking Wholeness 1" (art) 7-03
      Anderson, M.W. "Editorial" 4-03, 7-03
      Bailey, Jari "Entrapment, 2003" (art) 1-04
      Ballog, Deborah (art) 4-04
      Ballew, Michael "Magic" (art front cover) 10-04
      Barrett, Mark (nonfiction) 7-04
      Baxter, Jessica "Worry Doll" (poetry) 4-03
      Beck, Jerri "A Need to Know Basis" (poetry) 10-04
      Benchley, Robert "Big Revolutionary Discovery" (fiction) 10-04
      Bierce, Ambrose "The Horrors of Spring" (fiction) 7-04
      Boliek, Robert "The Muse of Thermodynamics" (poetry) 10-04
      Boudreaux, Beau "Astral Project" (poetry) 4-04
      Brown, Brian "Last Winter" (poetry) 7-04
      Brown, Sue Ellen "Imminent Touch" (art) 4-03
      "Pearl" (art) 4-03
      Brown, Virginia Pounds "I Am Connected" (non-fiction) 1-04
      Bryant, Dewey "Crusade" (poetry) 1-04
      Burrus, A. Embry "A Celebration of Life" (non-fiction) 4-04
      Busby, Elsie "Sunshine on Linen" (art) 7-04
      Castle, Mort "Quote" (blurb, back cover) 7-03
      Champion, Perle "Rain" (nonfiction) 7-04
      Cidboy, Deborah "Alone" (art and poetry) 10-03
      Citrin, Ione "Masquerade" (art) 7-04
      Coker, Suzanne "Look At Me" (poetry) 10-04
      "Taking the Veil" (poetry) 4-03
      Cook, Janice "The Friendship Angel" (art) 4-03 (front cover)
      Cooper, Peter "Experiment" (poetry) 10-03
      "Ghost" (art) 1-04
      "Mag in Feathers" (art) 4-04
      "Pyra" "Buddha" (art) 10-03
      Crook, David "Mother and Child" (art) 10-03
      Crawford, Shaun "Crushed" (non-fiction) 10-03
      Davis, Jill "Raggedy Angel" (non-fiction) 1-04
      Davis, Vanita "Sisters of Peace" (art) 7-03
      Dees, Deidra Suwanee "Adopting Weapons" (poetry) 10-03
      Donahue, Peter. "Panic" (poetry) 7-04
      Dotson, Holly "Never" (non-fiction) 10-04
      Dubose, Felicia "Into Africa" (poetry) 4-03
      Elliott, Liza "Finding Palestine" (non-fiction) 7-03
      "Pete's Pond" (non-fiction) 1-04
      Estes, Don "The Dancer" (art) 4-03
      Faulk, Jeff "Eve Apple, Adam Snake" (art) 1-04
      as Otto the Fey "The Saturnine Query" (fiction) 4-04
      Felsch, W. "When Sinatra Is On" (poetry) 10-03|
      First, Fred "Child Evangelism" (non-fiction) 4-04
      Fu, Colette "2 Kids" (art) 10-03
      "Black Hat" (art) 1-04
      "Wonderful Things" (non-fiction) 1-04
      "Yi Woman" (art) 1-04
      Gay, Larry O. "Mother and Child by David Crook" (art) 10-03
      "Spider Lily" (art) 10-03
      Glaze, Andrew "Theft" (poetry) 10-04
      Godwin, Ronald "Concrete and Chains" (art) 7-03 COVER
      Gooch, Mark "Cecil Horne, His Wife and Grandchildren" (photography)
      "He Just Came Right Up and Snapped Our Picture" (non-fiction) 1-04
      Gordon, Scott "Four Unanswered Calls" (poetry) 1-04
      Gordon, Tom "Expatriate" (poetry) 10-04
      "To Dad From A Distant Point In Paris" (poetry) 7-04
      Grove, Kyle Wade "First Frost" (poetry) 10-03
      Gwinup, DC
      "Carry Me" (poetry) 7-03
      "Learning to Love Your Thighs" (non-fiction) 10-03
      "Letter to HC" (poetry) 4-04
      "Mapped Out" (poetry) 1-04
      "Pendul, 2003" (art) 1-04
      "Self-Portrait" (art) 4-03
      "Suicide by Proxy" (poetry) 4-03
      Harrill, Margaret "All My Poems Are About Cowboys" (poetry) 7-04
      "Wyoming Bebop" (poetry) 4-04
      Harris, Jimmy Carl "Malfunction Junction" (fiction) 10-03
      "Small Reward" (fiction) 4-04
      Hastings, Katherine "Winter Day" (poetry) 4-04
      Hinckley, Michael "Eddie's Story" (fiction) 7-04
      "Harvey Tells Me About This Guy"
      (fiction) 7-03
      "Salvage" (fiction) 4-03
      Holifield, Stan "Lessons in Shopping" (non-fiction) 10-03
      "There's A Leak In The Yacht Club Men's Room" (nonfiction) 7-04
      Hollander, Barry "Halfway House" (fiction) 7-03
      Hopkins, Brian A. "Red Nails" (fiction) 4-03
      Huey, Amorak "Driving into Birmingham" (poetry) 4-04
      Jacob, Charlee "Existence" (poetry) 7-03
      "Tunnel Poet" (poetry) 7-03
      Johnson, Allen Jr. "Colorado Chic" (fiction) 4-04
      "Connected Springs?" (non-fiction) 7-03
      "Early Morning Southern Suburb" (poetry) 10-03
      Johnston, Eleanor "Diving" (art) 4-04
      Johnson, Jennifer "Reality Clown" (art) 7-03
      Johnston, Jude "Petal Pile" (art front cover) 7-04
      "Spring Petal-Fall" (art back cover) 7-04
      Johnson, Sally "Untitled" (poetry) 1-04
      Kimerling, Daisy "Daisy's Daisies" (art by a canine) 10-04
      Kopaska-Merkel, David "Alabama Nights" (poetry) 7-03
      "Inside the Worm" (poetry) 1-04
      "The Tao of Cormorant" (poetry) 4-03
      Lacey, Chamberlin "Mystery of the Rose" (art) 7-03
      Lachenmeyer, Nathaniel "Plane View 1 and 2, 2003" (art) 1-04
      LaMoreaux, Philip E. "Decisions Decisions" (non-fiction) 10-04
      "Sweet Well Water" (non-fiction) 1-04
      Langdon, Geoff "Mementos of District Six" (non-fiction) 7-03
      "Some Old Man!" (non-fiction) 4-03
      "Study of a Man..." (fiction) 4-04
      Latham, Irene "First Day of Winter" (poetry) 4-03
      "The Kind of Mom Who Runs Out of Things" (non-fiction) 1-04
      "Year of the Jellyfish" (poetry) 7-04
      Latif, Karim "Untitled" (art) 7-04
      Lee, Chris "Midnight in Gorgas Library" (non-fiction) 10-03
      "Vulcan" (art) 7-03
      Legg, Craig "Racist Clerk" (non-fiction) 1-04
      Lewis, Jave "Eulogy for Mr. Nobody" (poetry) 10-04
      "Girl at Water" (art) 10-04
      Lewis, Mary Susan "Mother and Child" (art) 10-04
      Lifshin, Lyn "After September 11" (poetry) 10-04
      Link, Carey A. "To View Life From All Angles" (poetry) 10-04
      Maginn, Reilly "Memories" (fiction) 10-04
      Major, Whitney "Me" (art) 7-04
      Makar, Ashley "The Hazaras' Home" (poetry) 7-03
      Marks, Barry "An Alabama Christmas Wish" (poetry) 10-04
      "Little Soul" (poetry) 4-03
      "Miami Story" (fiction) 4-03
      Martin, Steve "Kosovo, 90210" (fiction) 4-04
      McCary, DeJuana "My Journey" (poetry) 4-03
      McClary, Barbara "The Nothing Hole" (fiction) 10-03
      McGlynn, Karyna "July" (poetry) 1-04
      McKinney, Rebecca Conner (art) 4-04
      McMahan, F.B. "Haiku" (poetry) 10-03
      Moore, Michael "All Played Out" & "Practice Anywhere" (art) 7-04
      Morris, Marty "That's My Friend" (non-fiction) 10-03
      Moser, Arden "Never Argue With A Massai Warrior" (non-fiction) 1-04
      "Thanks, Bobby, Wherever You Are" (non-fiction) 7-04
      Mullins, Dail "Finding Meaning In A Technological Age" (non-fiction)
      Murphy, A. Mary "Eve" (poetry) 4-04
      "Dinah" (poetry) 4-04
      Murphy, Susan "Third Down" (fiction) 7-04
      "The Wake" (fiction) 10-03
      Murray, David "Far East Mountain" (art) 4-04
      "Rustic Cabin" (art) 4-03
      "Wide Open Spaces" (art) 10-04
      "Winter Barn" (art) 7-03
      Norman, Gladys "Three Sisters" (art) 10-04
      Offitt, Chuck "Advance Guards" (poetry) 7-03
      Penrod, Sara "Vertigo" (non-fiction) 10-04
      Phillips, Lindanne "Phillips Family Portrait" (art) 7-03
      Porter, Tommy "A Rare Reward" (poetry) 10-03
      "Fly Joey" (poetry) 7-03
      "God As A Boy" (poetry) 7-03
      Pruett, Lynn "Street Fair" (non-fiction) 7-04
      Pruitt, Susan M. "Southwest Mission" (art) 7-03
      Reed, Jim "Blowed" (non-fiction) 7-03
      "Dead Man Walking" (non-fiction) 10-03
      "The Piece of Pie Looming" (non-fiction) 10-04
      "The Sing-Song Woman" (nonfiction) 7-04
      "The Sistine Chapel As Graffiti" (non-fiction) 4-03
      "Stoic" (non-fiction) 4-04
      "Who Sez?" (fiction) 1-04
      Reed, Liz "A Grandmother's Note to a Grandson On Losing His First Tooth"
      (non-fiction) 1-04
      "After Albers #2" (art) 4-04 "Pledge" (art) 4-03
      "Vulcan" (art) 7-03
      Rhodes, Nancy "Two Times Race" (non-fiction) 1-04
      Riegel, Kim "A Sense of Mystery" (art) 7-03
      "In From the Cold" (art) 7-03
      Roy, Christine "The Tale of Lizard Island" (fiction) 10-03
      Rubio, Emily Kate "Untitled" (art) 7-04
      Schwartz, Greg "Black Widow" (poetry) 10-04
      Scott, Carolynne "Pick the Flowers" (fiction) 4-04
      Shirley, Virginia "Summer, Dauphin Island" (art) 4-03
      "Sunflowers" (art) 4-03
      Simonton, Aimee Elizabeth "Untitled Orchid" (art) 10-03
      Smith, Bix "Girl 33, 1997" (art) 1-04
      Smith, LaDonna "What to Do at the Fork in the Road?" (non-fiction) 4-03
      Stauffer, Brent "Corporate Water" (poetry) 10-03
      "Unchained Landscape" (poetry) 10-03
      Stevenson, Frieda "I Met Love In The Grandstand" (non-fiction) 1-04
      "Wouldn't Momma Be Proud of Me? (non-fiction) 10-04
      Stewart, Shelley "The Road South" (non-fiction) 7-03
      Strickland, Terry "Dawn" (art centerfold) 10-04
      "Quickening" "On The Wing" (art) 10-03
      Thomas, K. "Honeymoon" (poetry) 4-04
      "Londoner" (poetry) 4-04
      Thornbrugh, David "Dating The Mona Lisa" (poetry) 7-04
      Thorne, T.K. "Art and the City" (non-fiction) 4-03
      Toler, Drew "False Positives" (poetry) 10-04
      Torres, Mario "Lurking" "Return" (poetry) 1-04
      Tyson, Andrew "School is Out" (art) 4-03
      Umlauf, Arthur "Lovers" (art) 10-03
      "Torso" (art) 4-03
      Umlauf, MG "Tattoo" (non-fiction) 1-04
      Walker, Sue Brannan "Letter From A Foreign Place" (poetry) 7-04
      Watson, Caitlin "Dear Grandma" (poetry) 7-04
      Weissman, Nancijoy "Hiway in the Hills" (art) 7-03
      Wheeler, Stephanie "Alcoholics" (poetry) 10-04
      White, Jules "Storm Overtaking A Pier" (art) 1-04
      Wildsmith, Dana "Any Dog" (poetry) 7-04
      Willie, Yvonne "The Little Boy Who Didn't Want To Be Black" (fiction)
      Winn, Liz "Moon and Cream" (fiction) 4-04
      Wood, Diane "Coral Rock Vessel" (art back cover) 10-04
      Woodbery, Fil "The Island" (fiction) 10-04
      Wynn, R. Veronica "Upon Finding a Single Glove..." (poetry) 7-03
      Yazdi, Fedra "Empty Bottle" (non-fiction) 10-04
      "Every Commercial" (non-fiction) 4-04
      Zaitseva, Polina "Narcism, No. 1" (art) 4-04
      "Narcism, No. 2" (art) 4-04

      Editor, Jim Reed
      Poetry editor, Irene Latham
      Art editor, Liz Reed
      Production editor, Kathy Jolley
      Photographer, David Murray
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