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FW: All Alabama Stuff [Meaning Books!!!]

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      The Capitol Book Newsletter
      Friday, September 3, 2004

      Today's Contents:
      1. Rammer Jammer
      2. Joe Willie and Bart and Rob
      3. Ours Not To Reason Why
      4. Labor Day Schedule

      Tidal Wave Approaches Montgomery
      Unbelievable. That's the only way we know to describe the reaction to
      Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, the new book about University of Alabama
      football fanatics by Birmingham native Warren St. John. What we feared
      might be viewed as a provincial book has broken out nationally, and it's
      been hard to pick up any national magazine lately and not find a highly
      favorable review of the book. We reviewed it favorably too, in our
      newspaper column way back on August 8. It really is a great, fun read
      about the diehard 'Bama fans who suffered and exulted through the lows
      and highs of the bizarre 1999 football season.

      You Alabama fans probably already know about this book, and know you
      have to have it. You non-football fans need know only this: this is one
      you'd enjoy, even though it's "about" football, and even if we can't
      convince you to read it yourself, it really would make the perfect gift
      for any football fan on your gift list. Yes, even the Auburn ones.

      Warren, as you might imagine, is in Tuscaloosa this weekend promoting
      the book at some football game over there, but he will be here at the
      store on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, FROM 5-7 PM. Come meet him, come hear
      some really hilarious stories, and come get yourself a signed copy of
      this very good book. Or if you can't, just let us know, and we'll get as
      many copies signed for you as you need. ($24 hardcover)

      This one gets our highest recommendation.

      More Football Books
      It's a virtual plethora of football books. There's a new biography of
      Joe Namath (Namath, by Mark Kriegel, $27.95 hardcover), a new biography
      of Bart Starr (Bart Starr: When Leadership Mattered, by David Claerbaut,
      $24.95 hardcover), and a new memoir of his Auburn career by Rob Pate (A
      Tiger's Walk: Memoirs of an Auburn Football Player, $24.95 hardcover).
      Come check them out on Tuesday, when you're here for the Rammer Jammer

      Only Once in a Lifetime....
      The University of Alabama Press recently made us a special offer. If
      we'd buy enough copies, they'd reduce the price to us on a nice
      selection of their books. So we did, and now the books are here, and
      here's a list of what you can now get at really good prices;

      The WPA Guide to 1930s Alabama features essays on history, economy,
      people, folkways, and education plus general information about towns and
      cities. First published in 1941, this edition has a fascinating new
      introduction by Harvey Jackson which assesses the guide as an historical
      document and recounts the process by which it was researched and
      written. Paper, was $24.95, now $8.99.

      Braxton Bragg and the Confederate Defeat is by Grady McWhiney. Bragg
      was a West Point graduate who served with distinction in the Seminole
      war and the Mexican War and came out of retirement to join the
      Confederate army in 1862. Both successes and failures are chronicled
      here. Was $36, now $7.99.

      Both a store and local favorite, Goodbye to the Buttermilk Sky was Judy
      Oliver's first novel. Publisher's Weekly said of it "Graceful writing
      and unerring social observations...a richly detailed story...full of
      subtle surprises." A truly beautiful book. Paper, was $16.95, now

      Patricia Foster's haunting memoir All the Lost Girls: Confessions of a
      Southern Daughter turns a critical but loving eye on the sometimes
      volatile culture of the South and the relationships between southern
      mothers and daughters. Was $24.95, now $7.99.

      Ellen Glasgow's novel The Battleground was a bestseller when it was
      first published in 1902. Set in the South just before and after the
      Civil War, it is an important social history as well as compelling
      fiction. Paper, was $19.95, now $7.99.

      The Confederate Navy in Europe by Warren Spencer is the first full
      account of the European activities of the Confederate navy during the
      Civil War, the procuring of vessels, the construction of ships and the
      legal and political impact on the European governments who assisted in
      the Confederate cause. Paper, was 19.95, now $7.99.

      We're new fans of Roy Hoffman (who will be here for a booksigning in
      October for his newest book Chicken Dreaming Corn). His first novel
      Almost Family was about two women, a black housekeeper and her Jewish
      employer, who share their lives over cups of coffee for thirty years
      until they are like family- almost. Paper, was $15.95, now $7.99.

      From 1805-1843 he served as factor of the Choctaw trading house, was
      cashier of the Tombeckbee Bank in St. Stephens, a merchant in Demopolis,
      and a banker and merchant in Mobile. He also played a key role in the
      Creek War, served in the Alabama Senate and served as superintendent of
      the Choctaw removal. The book is The Reminiscences of George Strother
      Gaines. Paper, was $19.95, now $7.99.

      Where the Wild Animals is Plentiful is the diary of May Jordan, an
      Alabama fur trader's daughter, from 1912-1914. This rare find, the
      journal of a young backwoods woman is one of the best sources for the
      lives of ordinary people in turn-of-the-century Alabama. Hardcover, was
      $34.95, now $8.99.

      William Christenberry was born in Tuscaloosa in 1936, and his body of
      artwork, photography, painting and sculpture is all inspired by his home
      state, chiefly Hale county. The Early Years, 1954-1968 is a fabulous
      introduction to this incredible artist. Paper, was $29.95, now $9.99.
      Southern Souvenirs is a collection of stories and essays by Sara Haardt.
      Her character sketches, short stories, and essays were published
      regularly in the leading literary and popular magazines of the 1920s and
      1930s. But today she is remembered best as the wife of H. L. Mencken.
      Haardt's biography, included here, makes for fascinating reading. Born
      into an upper-middle-class family in Montgomery, she attended a
      progressive local school where she received the kind of college prep
      education typically reserved for boys. She "escaped" the South to
      Goucher College in Baltimore, returning only occasionally and briefly.
      Haardt and Mencken's meeting at Goucher sparked a long relationship
      between the two, first as mentor and student, then as romantic partners,
      and finally as one of the nation's most celebrated husband-and-wife
      teams. Hardcover, was $39.95, now $8.99.
      The Conscience of a Lawyer is John Salmond's biography and study of
      Clifford Durr, the Montgomery lawyer whose uncompromising commitment to
      civil liberties and civic decency often caused him to take unpopular
      positions. Hardcover, was $37.50, now $8.99.
      In Many Voices, Many Rooms, Philip Beidler collects many of the best
      Alabama writers: from early lesser knowns, like Don Pedro Casender to
      the recently successful Margaret Walker, Babs Deal and Truman Capote, to
      current bestseller Jimmy Buffet. Paper, was $22.95, now $8.99.
      Way back in 1977, Howell Raines wrote Whiskey Man set in prohibition
      Alabama. We loved it then and we love it now. Paper, was $16.95, now
      Vicki Covington's The Last Hotel for Women is a Birmingham novel about
      race, religion, lost innocence, family, redemption, and baseball.
      Paper, was $16.95, now $7.99.
      Crossing Blood was Nanci Kincaid's first book, about which the NYT said
      "Funny, sad, moving...a fresh, honest and complex portrait of love and
      hate in the South of the 1960s." The story is told convincingly and
      compellingly in the voice of its young narrator, examining complex
      relationships. It is a novel of making promises and struggling to keep
      them, of unlikely bonds and forbidden ones, of love gone wrong and love
      everlasting. Paper, was $15.95, now $7.99.
      One Day in the Life of a Born Again Loser is a collection of exquisite
      short stories by Montgomery writer Helen Norris. " These are good
      country people who would make Flannery O'Connor proud, and Norris makes
      them bitterly, or hilariously, real with her comic genius, emotional
      depth and elegant, direct prose"- Publishers Weekly. Hardcover, was
      $24.95, now $8.99.
      Nobody needs to tell you about Rick Bragg, the author of Somebody Told
      Me, which is a collection of his newspaper writing from The Birmingham
      News, The St Petersburg Times and The New York Times. Hardcover, was
      $24.95, now $8.99.
      The Cost of Courage, human and heartfelt, is the stirring and
      inspirational biography of Alabama congressman Carl Elliot, the
      powerfully personal story of a decent, steadfast man who became one of
      the bravest and most vocal proponents of civil rights and education, and
      the first recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award.
      Paper, was $19.95, now $7.99.
      Judy Paterson's book Sweet Mystery: a Book of Remembering stirred up a
      lot of folks around here. We found the different reactions to her
      memoir very interesting, we found her book to be wonderful. Paper, was
      $16.95, now $7.99.
      Alabama Baptists is the definitive history of the dominant religious
      group in Alabama from the first decade of the nineteenth century to the
      present. It is a fascinating cultural and political as well as
      religious history of Alabama. Was $39.95, now $9.99.
      Dog and Gun: A Few Loose Chapters on Shooting, Among Which Will Be Found
      Some Anecdotes and Incidents was first published a as newspaper series
      beginning in 1856. Once humorous and practical, it is now also history.
      Paper, was $8.95, now $4.99.
      Flowing Through Time is Lynn Willoughby's history of the Lower
      Chattahoochee River. Written for the armchair historian and the
      scholar, the book provides the first comprehensive social, economic, and
      environmental history of this important Alabama-Georgia-Florida river.
      Numerous historic photographs and maps also bring this river's
      fascinating story to life. Hardcover, was $29.95, now $8.99.
      The Reptiles and Amphibians of Alabama by Robert Mount is the only
      comprehensive book about the state's 182 species and subspecies of
      snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs and salamanders. Enough said. Paper,
      was $19.95, now $8.99.
      Historic Architecture in Alabama is by Montgomery's Robert Gamble.
      Outlined in detail are the primary architectural currents and styles
      that have surfaced in Alabama over the years. The structures and styles,
      all well-illustrated, range from folk houses and early settlement
      buildings to railway terminals, churches, libraries, municipal and
      university buildings, palatial private mansions, and modest homes. More
      than 200 photographs, sketches, plans, and etchings. Many illustrations
      offer rare views of buildings long since demolished. Paper, was $27.95,
      now $9.99.
      Mary Ward Brown's second collection of short stories was It Wasn't All
      Dancing. On the day that Ms. Brown read from this book in our store in
      2002, the building was absolutely packed and everyone here went away
      filled with the joy and satisfaction of having heard one of our greatest
      writers. She is simply the best. Hardcover, was $24.95, now $8.99.

      Labor Day Schedule
      Yes, we will be closed on Monday, but we will be open tomorrow,
      Saturday, from 10-4. Come. It's really nice here on Saturdays.

      Cheryl and Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      Voice 334.265.1473
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