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FW: H-Ed: June 1: Caroline Lee Hentz (1800-1856)

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      Southern novelist Caroline Lee Whiting Hentz was born on this date in
      1800, not in the South but in Lancaster, Massachusetts. She married
      entomologist Nicholas Marcellus Hentz in 1824, while he was teaching at
      the Round Hill School in Northampton; together, they ran girls'
      academies in Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, and Alabama.

      From the finding aid for the Hentz Family Papers at the Southern
      HIstorical Collection, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
      (online at http://www.lib.unc.edu/mss/inv/h/Hentz_Family.html):

      "Caroline Lee Hentz's diary was written in 1836, during her stay at
      Florence, Ala. She and her husband, Nicholas M. Hentz, were at that
      time running a school for girls. There are two copies of her diary,
      which is a daily record of her life in
      Alabama, giving details on the operation of the school and on some of
      the students; notes on the weather; her husband's zoological and
      botanical activities; her relationships with her children and her
      husband; her own moods and emotions; and her impressions of family and
      friends. The original and a handwritten copy, probably made after the
      author's death, are on file here. The original was owned and annotated
      by Callie Hentz Branch in 1860, and in 1892 by Charles A. Hentz. The
      copy was owned by Julia Hentz Keyes."

      About Caroline Lee Hentz:


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