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FW: History in/and/of Southern Literature (10/15/04; 2/26/05-2/27 /05)

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      Subject: CFP: History in/and/of Southern Literature (10/15/04;

      The theme for the eighteenth Symposium will be "History in/and/of
      Southern Literature." We invite proposals exploring the relationship
      between history, especially southern history, and southern literature.
      Possible approaches to this theme include such topics as the following:

      a.. The presentation of historical events in southern literature
      b.. The role of southern writing in the construction of history
      c.. The historicization of southern literature
      d.. The narration of personal, biographical history in southern letters
      These suggestions are meant to stimulate rather than limit thought.
      Submitters are encouraged to interpret the conference theme freely.

      Abstracts will be due by October 15.

      For further information, contact

      Emily Wright
      English Dept.
      Methodist College
      5400 Ramsey St.
      Fayetteville, NC 28311


      or visit our website at www.methodist.edu/sws

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      Full Information at
      or write Erika Lin: elin@...
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