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FW: Cassandra King Here Tomorrow [Capitol Book, Montgomery]

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      The Capitol Book Newsletter
      Wednesday, April 21, 2004

      What goes around comes around. Nine years ago Randall Williams, then of
      Black Belt Publishers, published the first novel of a little-known writer,
      Cassandra King. They called it Making Waves in Zion, and it enjoyed a modest

      Then, a couple of years ago, Cassandra King landed a publishing contract
      with a New York publisher, Hyperion Books, and published The Sunday Wife to
      huge critical and commercial success. With the exception of a few preacher's
      wives (it's the story of a preacher's wife, and her struggles with that role
      down in the Florida panhandle), everyone around here loved it, and people
      loved it everywhere else, too. The book made Cassandra King famous.

      And so now that same Hyperion Books, finally seeing what they should have
      seen, and what Randall Williams did see, nine years ago, is reissuing
      Cassandra's first book, although they could not resist a slight change in
      the title. It's now called simply Making Waves, but nothing else has changed
      about it. It's still set in the small town of Clarksville, in Zion County,
      Alabama and follows the lives of a group of family and friends. It'll still
      make you laugh and it'll still make you cry, and if you missed it the first
      time around you are very lucky to have another chance to read it.

      Cassandra King will be here at the store TOMORROW, THURSDAY, APRIL 22, FROM
      5-7 PM. She'll do a short reading around 5 PM, and then be available to sign
      copies of her "new" book, Making Waves ($13.95 paperback), not to mention
      The Sunday Wife ($23.95 hardcover, $14 paperback), and if you have a copy of
      the original Making Waves in Zion, bring it, too.

      This is Cassandra's first appearance in Montgomery, where it all began for
      her in 1995, and we hope you'll come get to know her. If you can't, then
      just let us know, and we'll get books signed for you.
      Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106-2109
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