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Request for information on Mad Stones

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  • A.J. Wright
    fyi...contact Ms. Groce directly at groce@folklife.si.edu ....she is not a list subscriber...ajwright@uab.edu ... From: Public Sector Folklore List
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2004
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      fyi...contact Ms. Groce directly at groce@... ....she is not a
      list subscriber...ajwright@...

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      Subject: [PUBLORE] Request for information on Mad Stones
      Dear Colleagues,
      I recently received an inquiry from a woman named Doris Tankersley from the
      Birmingham, Alabama area who is seeking information on Mad Stones -- i.e.,
      stones found in the umbles or heads of various animals (deer, toads, etc.)
      that were traditionally used to cure rabies. Vance Randolph wrote about them
      in "Ozark Magic and Folklore," (p. 140-141) but they are, of course, much
      more ancient.
      Mrs. Tankersley, who grew up in Helican, Winston County, Alabama in the
      1930s/40s learned about mad stones from her grandmother and has some
      interesting stories about them through her family. She is now working with a
      documentary filmmaker on the subject and would like 1/ more information
      about made stones in general; and 2/ to contact a folklorist(s) in the
      Birmingham area who might be willing to be interviewed for her film.
      Thanks, Nancy
      Nancy Groce
      Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage
      Smithsonian Institution
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