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FW: UPDATE: Barry Hannah (3/31/04; collection)

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      fyi...Hannah spent some years on the faculty at UA...aj wright //

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      Subject: UPDATE: Barry Hannah (3/31/04; collection)

      CFP: Proposed volume on Barry Hannah (2nd CFP)

      This is a second CFP for a proposed volume of critical essays on the work of
      Barry Hannah. After issuing the first call for papers in December 2002, and
      collating the resulting proposals during the spring of 2003, I submitted a
      proposal to an American university press. This press is now poised to offer
      an advance contract, providing that the volume--currently comprised of an
      introduction, nine essays, an interview with Hannah, and an
      afterword--fulfils a couple of requirements. The main requirement is that
      the volume deals, in some shape or form, with all of Hannah's works. As
      such, I am issuing this second call for papers in order to solicit at least
      one or two further essays that each address one or more of the following

      _Power and Light: A Novella for the Screen_ (1983)
      _Hey Jack!_ (1987);
      _Boomerang_ (1989).

      I am still prepared to consider proposals for essays that cover other Hannah
      works (especially _The Tennis Handsome_ [1983]), especially if they also
      deal with one or more of the above-listed texts. However, please note that
      the above-listed books are those that, in its current form, the proposed
      volume does not cover at all, and proposals covering these texts will be
      given preference.

      Please note too that the overarching approach of the volume is broadly
      "cultural," rather than formal. In other words, I am not looking for further
      essays that cover Hannah's use of literary style, form, or genre.

      As stated in the original CFP, potential subjects include, but are not
      confined to:
       Hannah and postmodernity (his work's representation, mediation
      and/or criticism
      of the cultures, economies, societies, etc., of postmodernity)
       Hannah as Southern, postsouthern or anti-Southern writer (esp. in
      comparative relation to other Southern, American or international writers)
       Masculinity (the Southern male (anti-) hero, gender relations,
      anxieties over masculinity in the contemporary South or postmodern world)
       Race and/or class (including Hannah in relation, or contrast, to
      poor white Southern writers such as Harry Crews, Dorothy Allison, or Larry

      Please submit all proposals (between 300-500 words) as soon as possible,
      preferably i) by e-mail attachment; ii) not later than 31 March 2004. I
      hope to secure the advance contract by early summer 2004.

      Email: bone@...
      Tel: 0045 35 32 85 96 (office)

      Dr. Martyn Bone
      English Institute
      University of Copenhagen
      Faculty of Humanities
      Njalsgade 130
      2300 Copenhagen S.

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      or write Erika Lin: elin@...
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