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Alabama History/Culture in the News: 15 November-5 December & Bon us Links

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  • A.J. Wright
    fyi..aj wright // ajwright@uab.edu Listings for July-December 2003 are at
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      fyi..aj wright // ajwright@...

      Listings for July-December 2003 are at <<http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews3.htm>>

      Listings for January-June 2003 are at <<http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews2.htm>>

      Listings for July-December 2002 are at <<http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews.htm>>

      Material in brackets are my additions.

      A listing of Alabama history links can be found at <<http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistory.htm>>
      Please send me information on broken links you find or links I don't have listed!

      **Piece of city's mill history unravels as building falls
      Huntsville Times 3 December 2003

      **Airport board member William Blanchard dies
      Huntsville Times 3 December 2003

      **500 mark bus boycott; Those who participated, others gather on 48th anniversary.
      Birmingham News 3 December 2003, 3C

      **Hall of History [Bessemer] has photos just waiting to be classified
      Birmingham News 3 December 2003, 4SC

      **Lloyd's Restaurant, Perrin hold on to U.S. 280, memories
      Birmingham News 3 December 2003, 1SC, 6SC

      **Former Mobile Register editorial writer Karl S. Elebash Jr. dies
      Mobile Register 2 December 2003

      **Former Mobile Register employee Percy Sanderford Jr. dies at age 81
      Mobile Register 2 December 2003

      **Karl Elebash Jr., local journalist and Republican activist, dies
      Tuscaloosa News 1 December 2003

      **Mae S. Waldron, former Delchamps executive, dies
      Mobile Register 1 December 2003
      **Fauntroy speaker for bus boycott's 48th anniversary. Birmingham News 1 December 2003, 2B

      **1955 December 5- The Montgomery bus boycott begins as a result of Rosa Parks'
              refusal to ride in the back of a city bus four days earlier.
              At a mass meeting at the Holt Street Baptist Church, Martin
              Luther King Jr. is elected president of the boycott organization.
              The boycott will last a little over a year and be the initial
              victory in the civil rights struggle of African Americans in the
              United States.

      1873 December 1- The 43rd Congress (1873-75) convenes with seven African
              American congressmen: Richard H. Cain, Robert Brown Elliott,
              Joseph H. Rainey and Alonzo J. Ransier, South Carolina; James
              T. Rapier, Alabama; Josiah T. Walls, Florida; John R. Lynch, Mississippi.

      1955 December 1- Rosa Parks, a seamstress, refuses to take a back seat on a
              Montgomery, Alabama bus.  Her refusal to move will result in
              her arrest and will begin a 382-day boycott of the bus system
              by African Americans and mark the beginning of the modern
              American Civil Rights movement.

      1962 November 30- Bo Jackson is born in Bessemer, Alabama.  The 1985 Heisman
              Trophy winner will be one of the few professional athletes
              to play in two sports - football and baseball.
      FROM: Today in Black History
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      **33 years later, state seeks end to Wyatt case
      Birmingham News 30 November 2003

      **Services set for former editor Bailey Thomson
      Mobile Register 29 November 2003

      **TV movie documents Selma nuns; PBS show tells of sisters in '60s voting rights movement
      Huntsville Times 28 November 2003, B6; Birmingham News 28 November 2003, 2C

      **75 years of culture Club's name has changed
      over years, but not its interest in enrichment, local events
      Decatur Daily 28 November 2003

      **Professor also was an activist, journalist [Bailey Thompson]
      Tuscaloosa News 28 November 2003

      **Professor, reform advocate dies at 54 [Bailey Thompson
      Tuscaloosa News 27 November 2003

      **Former Register editor Bailey Thomson dies at age 54
      Heart attack claims educator and award-winning journalist
      Mobile Register 27 November 2003

      **Northport hospital gets its due
      Retired physician writes history of hospital
      Tuscaloosa News 27 November 2003

      **Overdue Gees Bend Ferry shapes up
      Five-year project aims for Camden by mid-December
      Birmingham News 26 November 2003

      ** For The Record 112503 [Alabama Public Television]
      Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth Remembers

      **Breakfast is served; Tuscaloosa's Waysider known for biscuits
      Birmingham News 25 November 2003, 1D, 6D

      **1950 November 25- Extreme cold in the deep south. Birmingham AL had reading of 5
      degrees. -1 on Sand Mountain and -2 at Valley Head AL. First time that sub
      zero readings had occurred in North Alabama in November. The bitter cold was
      accompanied by two inches of snow across North Alabama.

      1957 November 18- A tornado 100 yards wide was on the ground 27 miles from Rosa, AL
      near Albertville, AL killing three people. A home in the Susan Moore
      community in Blount County was thrown 500 feet killing one person.

      1989 November 15- As a line of severe thunderstorms moved eastward from the Central to
      Eastern United States during the afternoon of November 15th, a powerful
      tornado touched down southwest of Huntsville, Alabama at 430 PM CST and
      plowed through a busy business and residential area in the southern part of
      the city. The F4 tornado had winds between 207 and 260 mph. It killed 21
      people and injured 463. Twelve of the 21 fatalities occurred in automobiles
      as many persons were homeward bound during the afternoon rush hour.
      Tragically, many motorists were caught on congested streets and highways in
      the nearly pitch black conditions of the on-rushing storm. Undoubtedly, many
      never saw the tornado, making escape virtually impossible with such little
      time to react. The damage path was 18.5 miles long and 1/2-mile wide. Total
      damage was around 100 million dollars. The tornado struck Jones Valley
      Elementary School on Garth Road. Thirty-seven children, five teachers, and
      seven painters were in the school when the tornado struck. The children were
      part of an Extended Daycare Program conducted at the school. The lead
      teacher of the day-care program moved the children from the second floor of
      the school building into a small open area under the stairway on the first
      floor. This action, first suggested by the school principal as she left for
      the day, saved the lives of the children. Following the tornado,
      temperatures dropped quickly, and late night news reports showed snow
      showers falling around the terrible damage.
      FROM: The Weather Notebook

      **Bonus Links

      **Alabama Public Television's "For the Record" Alabama news program celebrates 25 years

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