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FW: UPDATE: Scottsboro Case (1/10/04; ASA, 11/11/04-11/14/04)

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      Scottsboro as Discourse

      In a 1934 poem, Countee Cullen lamented American poets failure to
      speak out against the Scottsboro convictions. Since then, however,
      Scottsboro has become one of the most represented events in 20th-
      century U.S. history. Situated at the crossroads of racial, sexual,
      and class politics, Scottsboro represents a particularly charged site of
      discursive contestation. This panel addresses the changing meanings of
      Scottsboro from 1931 to the present through readings of literary,
      dramatic, filmic, photographic, musical, and other representations. Some
      suggested topics: Scottsboro and modernism(s), Scottsboro and
      celebrity, Scottsboro and mass culture, Scottsboro and cultural
      nationalism, Scottsboro and internationalism, Scottsboro and the politics
      of genre (documentary, prison narratives, agit-prop, proletarian fiction,
      newspaper editorial, historiography), Scottsboro and geography, Soviet
      Scottsboro, Scottsboro and Americanism.

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