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  • Mark Palmer
    Please note that the Alabama Archives reference room now closes at 4:30, not 5:00. Also, our Adams Avenue entrance will probably still be closed due to
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 27, 2003
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      Please note that the Alabama Archives reference room now closes at 4:30, not 5:00. Also, our Adams Avenue entrance will probably still be closed due to construction.

      Mark Palmer
      Ala. Dept. Archives and History

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      > Dear friends and fellow researchers,
      > Subjects covered:
      > "Effective Cemetery Laws and Legal Actions"
      > Cemetery Workshop and Conference - Nov. 1, 2003
      > Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance (ACPA) Membership
      > ACPA Web Site - NEW!
      > Become an ACPA County Representative!
      > Please read this entire message - there is important information all
      > the way to the bottom for everyone!
      > - ----------------------------------------------------------------------
      > "Effective Cemetery Laws and Legal Actions"
      > and Cemetery Workshop
      > Sponsored by:
      > The Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance
      > The Alabama Historical Commission
      > The Montgomery Genealogical Society, Inc
      > The Alabama Preservation Alliance
      > Date: Saturday November 1, 2003
      > Time: 9:30a.m. -3:30p.m.
      > Place: Alabama Archives Auditorium
      > 624 Washington Avenue
      > Montgomery, Alabama
      > Important Event: If you missed the cemetery workshop last November,
      > don't overlook this important follow-up event!! Preservationists,
      > historians,
      > genealogists, legal advisors, county and state officials are
      > scheduled to participate in workshop presentations and panels on
      > Alabama cemetery laws and legal actions that YOU can take to preserve
      > your family, town or county cemetery. Help us improve and enforce
      > the laws - attend the workshop, join the ACPA and show your support.
      > Also on the workshop agenda (not to be missed) - a Monument Repair
      > Specialist will answer your questions about what to do and NOT to do
      > in repairing your ancestors' broken markers. Photographs of "before"
      > and "after" work conducted in both remote rural sites and city
      > cemeteries will be shown.
      > Registration: Cemetery Workshop with lunch-$25, without lunch $20.
      > ACPA members Cemetery Workshop with lunch-$15, without lunch-$10. Fee
      > includes a box lunch, complimentary morning refreshments, door prizes
      > and more. County/cemetery/history/genealogy books will be available
      > for purchase during workshop (inquire if you would like space for
      > your society or books). You'll even have time for research in the
      > reference room before the Archives closes at 5:00 p.m. Send
      > registration and check payable to: ACPA Cemetery Workshop, P. O. Box
      > 230194, Montgomery, AL 36123-0194 (or pay by PayPal). For further
      > information, email Joyce Nicoll, the President of ACPA:
      > Email: alabama79@...
      > REGISTRATION DEADLINE: October 24, 2003.
      > PAYPAL NOW AVAILABLE: If you would like to register and pay by credit
      > card, the ACPA is now set up to receive Cemetery Workshop Conference
      > fees, and ACPA Membership dues through PayPal. If you are already
      > familiar with PayPal and wish to make use of this convenient service
      > when sending in your Conference fees and/or ACPA Membership fees,
      > please email me directly and I will send you brief and easy
      > instructions (my email address are at the bottom of the page). PayPal
      > is one of the most secure methods of making credit card payments over
      > the Internet and accepts several different cards (MasterCard/Visa,
      > AmX, Discover and eCHECK). If you have not used PayPal before and
      > would like to check it out, please go to http://www.paypal.com
      > (There is no cost to you to sign up.) Then email me for the PayPal
      > account info to make a payment.
      > If you would like me to send you a flyer all about the Cemetery
      > Workshop Conference (PDF), and/or an ACPA Membership form (PDF) (no
      > obligation to join if you wish to receive the form), (see bottom of
      > page for may email addresses). If you do not have the ability to read
      > a PDF file, you can download a FREE Acrobat Reader to view PDF's for
      > either PC or MAC from
      > http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html You may also
      > send in membership fees through PayPal and mail in a print-out copy
      > of the completed form (address is on the form). We are working on an
      > on-line membership form that can be completed and sent in over the
      > Internet, but it is not quite ready.
      > ACPA WEB SITE! We are in the process of building a wonderful web site
      > for the ACPA, which will debut in a presentation at the Cemetery
      > Workshop/Conference on Nov. 1. This site will be dedicated to sharing
      > all kinds of material on PRESERVING, RESTORING AND CONSERVING Alabama
      > Cemeteries. It is CHOCK-FULL of all kinds of GREAT things. Many of
      > Alabama's cemeteries are being lost to the elements of mother nature,
      > neglect and vandalism. The ACPA is working "hand in hand" with the
      > Alabama Historical Commission to make sure that you have all the
      > information you need to help preserve Alabama's Cemetery Heritage.
      > One of the main missions of the ACPA is to encourage individuals,
      > families and community groups to ADOPT a cemetery and take steps to
      > help restore and preserve it. Issues on monument theft and vandalism
      > are covered, as well as steps to take to ADOPT a cemetery. The site
      > will have articles and "step by step" instructions, not only on the
      > techniques of preserving and repairing cemeteries and grave markers,
      > but also on the processes of establishing a non-profit Cemetery
      > Association in Alabama, including by-laws, Articles of Association,
      > and how and who to submit these to, so you can preserve your
      > cemeteries for all time. Much of this information may be adapted to
      > cemetery plights throughout the nation. Also a section on the Alabama
      > Legal Code pertaining to laws that address the protection of
      > cemeteries. AND VERY IMPORTANTLY, the ACPA has established an on-line
      > CEMETERY REGISTER - A method/form for you to REGISTER cemeteries and
      > burial surveys with the ACPA ON-LINE!. These REGISTERED Cemeteries
      > will be recorded in the ACPA database, not only as a method to
      > document them, but will be accompanied by a searchable database, so
      > the guests to the ACPA web site may search cemeteries by name and
      > county. It is the goal of the ACPA to REGISTER every cemetery in the
      > state of Alabama. Once you register a cemetery, you may return to
      > your original registration and up-date it with additional information
      > as you discover it. We will also have a BURIAL LISTING database that
      > will allow individuals to submit their cemetery burial surveys, also
      > searchable by name, cemetery and county. ALL OF THIS will be
      > presented at the Alabama Cemetery Workshop Conference on Nov. 1.
      > Meanwhile, please visit the site and sign our GUESTBOOK to be
      > notified when the full site will be fully operable and to receive
      > further information about the Conference and ACPA Membership.
      > http://www.alabama-cemetery-preservation.com or http://www.alcpa.net
      > establishing a County Representative to act as a liaison for the ACPA
      > in each County. We have JUST opened these volunteer positions up and
      > they are GOING FAST! If you have Internet access and email and live
      > in an Alabama county that you would like to represent, and are
      > interested in preserving and recording the cemeteries in your county
      > and would like to know more about this very important volunteer
      > position, please contact me, or the ACPA County Coordinator, Ted
      > Urquhart.
      > Ted's ACPA County Coordinator email address is:
      > fixingraves@...
      > My email addresses are: bamahart@...
      > or my ACPA Web Master address is:
      > alabamaangel@....
      > Thank You, Cynthia Sims Kirkland (ACPA Web Master) and
      > Ted Urquhart (ACPA Vice President and County Coordinator)
      > P.S. Hope to see you there! Please pass this on!
      > --
      > Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance (ACPA)
      > "Preserve, Restore and Venerate."
      > Saving Alabama Cemeteries
      > http://www.alabama-cemetery-preservation.com
      > Please visit and sign the Guest Book.


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