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FW: Troubadour Here Tomorrow! [Alabama author Karren Pell at Capi tol Bks, Montgomery]

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      The Capitol Book Newsletter
      Monday, October 20, 2003

      Sometimes - not often - somebody comes up with a new idea for a book, and
      Montgomery's Karren Pell has done it. Her new book, Alabama Troubadour, is a
      travel guide that's really an essay collection that's also part songbook,
      and if that's been done before we missed it. Karren, well known in these
      parts mostly for the music she wrote for Fair and Tender Ladies out at the
      Shakespeare Festival, turns out to be a fine essayist, too, and her pieces
      on eleven unique Alabama sites (from the Cross Garden to the Sloss Furnaces
      to the Coon Dog Cemetery) are fine enough on their own. But then she
      complements them with her original song lyrics (and husband Tim Henderson's
      photographs), and what we have here is a real fine book. It's a great
      addition to any Alabama library, and it would also make a very nice gift if,
      say, there were a major gift-giving occasion coming up any time soon.

      Yes, there's a music CD available, too, and we'll also have those here
      TOMORROW, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21 FROM 5-7 PM when Karren will be here to
      autograph copies of the book and the CD. The book is a $29.95 hardcover, the
      CD is $10 ($15 if you don't buy a book, but we can't even imagine that), and
      yes, Karren is bringing her guitar, and if you're lucky enough to get to
      hear her sing, that'll be FREE.

      As always, if you need a book but can't be here tomorrow, just let us know.
      We'll get one signed for you.
      Thomas Upchurch
      Capitol Book & News Company
      1140 E. Fairview Avenue
      Montgomery, AL 36106
      Voice 334-265-1473
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