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FW: Alabama's Newest Literary/Arts Quarterly Magazine premieres F riday!

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      Subject: Alabama's Newest Literary/Arts Quarterly Magazine premieres


      If you like to experience lively stories and images, well presented, youll
      love the Birmingham Arts Journal, 48 pages of prose, art, poetry and Haiku!

      The Premiere reception:
      Friday, October 10, from 5 till 8pm.
      Birmingham Art Association Gallery
      (across the street from the historic Alabama Theatre in Downtown
      Birmingham, Alabama)

      Join us--and enjoy the creative energy in works by such artists and writers
      as: Deborah Cidboy, Peter Cooper, Shaun Crawford, Deidra Suwanee Dees,
      W. Felsch, Colette Fu, Larry O. Gay, Kyle Wade Grove, DC Gwinup,
      Jimmy Carl Harris, Stan Holifield, Allen Johnson Jr., Chris Lee, Barbara
      McClary, F.B. McMahan, Marty Morris, Susan Murphy, Tommy Porter,
      Jim Reed, Christine Roy, Aimee Simonton, Brent Stauffer, Terry
      Strickland, Arthur Umlauf.

      Inside the Birmingham Arts Journal youll also read some wise and witty
      quotes on creativity from Ray Bradbury, Charles Ghigna, Juan Ramon
      Jimenez, Chris McCaleb, Carl Sandburg, Igor Stravinsky, and Kurt

      The Birmingham Arts Journal reception is open to all lovers of ideas,
      stories, images and words.

      See you there!

      Jim Reed, editor
      DC Gwinup, art/poetry editor
      Kathy Jolley, production editor
      Written Arts Committee of the Birmingham Art Association: Peggy
      Gordon, Scott Gordon, Irene Latham, Liz Reed, Aimee Simonton

      Birmingham Art Association Gallery
      Across from the Alabama Theatre, Downtown Birmingham, Alabama
      Friday, October 10, 5pm till 8pm.

      Contact: jim@jimreedbooks
      See the BAA website: BirminghamArtAssociation.org
      Birmingham Arts Journal
      $4 per issue, $14 per year, tax deductible


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