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Alabama History/Culture in the News: 4, 12 September-1 October & Bonus Links

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  • A.J. Wright
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      Listings for July-December 2003 are at <<<http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistnews3.htm>>>

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      Material in brackets are my additions.

      A listing of Alabama history links can be found at <<<<<http://www.anes.uab.edu/alahistory.htm>>>>>
      Please send me information on broken links you find or links I don't have listed!

      **Island gets lighthouse [Dauphin Island; Sand Island Lighthouse, built in 1871]
      Town should receive title within 90 days
      Mobile Register 1 October 2003

      **Saturn V restoration gets a boost
      New donations mean work should start soon on rocket
      Huntsville Times 1 October 2003

      **Peets Buffett remembered for her love and 'zest for life'
      Newsman Ed Bradley extolls exuberance and deeply held convictions of family matriarch
      Mobile Register 1 October 2003

      **Ordained deacon Fenwick Walsh Jr. dies at 67
      Mobile Register 1 October 2003

      **Shelby's George Dailey dies at 75 [Shelby Co.'s first black commissioner]
      Birmingham News 1 October 2003

      **Teacher Lee Williams dies
      39-year-old who suffered from cystic fibrosis received lung transplant 2000
      Mobile Register 30 September 2003

      **Indian tribes slow to claim 1,2000 artifacts from Moundville.
      Birmingham News 29 September 2003, 3B

      **Library marking city's space age heritage
      Huntsville Times 29 September 2003

      **Finding their way back home
      20 years later, famous Americans' likenesses are rediscovered and returned to their original owner
      Mobile Register 29 September 2003

      **Morris novel highlights social trend [Alabama author Michael Morris]
      Birmingham News 28 September 2003

      **Last sites purchased for Civil Rights Trail centers [Selma-to-Montgomery]
      Birmingham News 28 September 2003

      **He finds collecting fishing tackle alluring
      The fishing bug nipped Billy Prince of Decatur at an early age.
      His dad, Hurley Prince, and grandfather David Corum would take him along on Saturdays as they tried their luck at McEntire Branch on Alabama 20, a stream running alongside the old Prestolite plant.
      Decatur Daily 28 September 2003

      **Eastwood Mall: Officials hope to draw developer to South's first enclosed mall
      [Built in 1960, Eastwood is now almost empty]
      Birmingham News 27 September 2003, C1,C6

      **Sesquicentennial: First Presbyterian is celebrating past and present work
      Federal soldiers destroyed its building when they occupied Decatur during the Civil War.
      Yellow fever drove its members from town.
      A log cabin shared with Methodists and schoolchildren served as a humble home for years.
      Decatur's First Presbyterian Church's history seems a microcosm of the town. Both were established with flurries of success.
      Decatur Daily 27 September 2003

      **Matriarch of Buffett family dies
      Singer Jimmy Buffett attributes much of his own early awareness of the arts to 'Peets'
      Mobile Register 27 September 2003

      **Mobilian: Plimpton was 'like meeting an old friend'
      Mobile Register 27 September 2003

      **1945 October 1- Heavyweight champion,  Joe Louis, is discharged from the army.

      1954 September 29- Willie Mays makes his famous "over-the-shoulder catch" of Vic
              Wertz' 460' drive.

      1912 September 28- W.C. Handy's ground-breaking "Memphis Blues" is published in
              Memphis, Tennessee.  The composition was originally entitled
              "Mr. Crump" and was written for the 1909 political campaign
              of Edward H. "Boss" Crump.
      FROM: Today in Black History
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      **Bury Hunley crew without U.S. flag, says petitoner.
      Mobile Register 14 September 2003, 7B

      **1912 September 14- Hurricane makes landfall just west of Mobile, Alabama.

      1990 September 13- Today marked the 37th and final day of the longest streak of
      consecutive 90 degree temperatures in Birmingham AL.

      1979 September 12- Hurricane Frederic makes landfall on the Alabama Gulf Coast near
      Dauphin Island. $2.3 billion in damage is reported, making the Freric the
      costliest U.S. Hurricane up until that point. 500,000 people were evacuated
      in the face of the storm, so a very low 5 fatalities were recorded. A wind
      gust to 145 mph was reported at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Winds gusted to
      hurricane force as far inland as Meridian, Mississippi, over 140 miles from
      the coast. In Mobile, a curfew was instituted after the hurricane where 64
      people were arrested for looting.

      1969 September 10- Earliest temperature in forties in Birmingham AL (49 degrees).

      1965 September 9- One day after striking extreme southern Florida, Hurricane Betsy
      struck southeastern Louisiana, with the eye crossing Grand Isle about 3 pm.
      Tremendous damage was reported along the coast from the point of landfall
      east to Mobile, Alabama. The city of New Orleans was flooded when power to
      its elaborate flooding pumping stations was knocked out. 58 people dies in
      Louisiana. Betsy became the first billion dollar hurricane with losses
      totalling 1.4 billion.

      1990 September 9- Birmingham, Alabama recorded 99 for the daily high temperature.
      What made this significant was that it was the 32nd consecutive day that the city
      saw readings of 90 degrees or hotter, which broke the previous record of 31
      days which had been set in 1954.
      FROM: The Weather Notebook

      **1864 September 4: Bread riots in Mobile, Alabama.
      FROM: Poor Gabriel's Almanac poorgabriel@...

      **Bonus Links

      **Bartram Trail Conference [Montgomery, 24-26 October]

      **Tuskegee Underground Railroad Tours

      **Alabama Public Television programs on Alabama writers [Friday, October 3]
       2:00AM    For The Record 19104
      Alabama Writers' Profiles [from 1996]

       2:30AM    For The Record 19103
      Winston Groom

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