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Alabama History/Culture in the News: 25 August-11 September

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  • A.J. Wright
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      Material in brackets are my additions.

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      **Shadow Lawn Cemetery group eyes nonprofit status
      Birmingham News 11 September 2003

      **Obituary for Robert H. "Hal" Hayes [Alabama author]
      Birmingham News 10 September 2003

      **Home is where the art is: City professional rediscovers roots, passion for creating
         From 8 to 5, Michael Ballew navigates the chaotic, corporate world as director of staffing for Compass Bank. As the sun sets on the high-rise steel offices of Birmingham, Ballew leaves ambition and the harried pace to return to his family, his hometown and his art.
      Decatur Daily 10 September 2003

      **Digging into history Students learn about past by delving into historic yard
      Huntsville Times 9 September 2003

      **James Rachels, 62, Ethicist Who Ignited Euthanasia Debate, Dies [Rachels was a long-time UAB faculty member]
      New York Times 9 September 2003 [requires free registration for access]

      **Visitors find lots of good reasons to come to tiny Needham
      Mobile Register 8 September 2003

      **'Four Spirits': Birmingham Sunday [review of Sena Jeter Naslund's new novel]
      New York Times 7 September 2003 [requires free registration for access]

      **Web tracks tornado history
      Weather service workers set up local storm database
      Huntsville Times 7 September 2003

      **Retired businessman, war veteran dies
      George Shedd Sr. was a prisoner of war in North Korea for three years
      Mobile Register 6 September 2003

      **Acclaimed UAB philosopher Rachels dead at 62
      Birmingham News 6 September 2003

      **Anthem to the Past In 'Four Spirits,' Birmingham bombing is one of many touchstones
      Mobile Register 6 September 2003

      **1925 September 5- Alabama's all-time record heat wave is at its height. The state
      recorded its hottest temerature ever (112F) at Centreville. Meanwhile,
      Birmingham was recording its third of seven straight days with temperatures
      over 100 degrees. On the 5th and 6th, the temperature at Birmingham topped
      out at 106 degrees. After letting up a bit, the temperature would once again
      reach the century mark on September 22nd (the latest the Magic City has ever
      seen 100 degrees.)

      1997 Augusts 31- Driest August on record follows 3rd wettest July at Mobile, Alabama.
      Only 1.04 inches of rain fell at the Mobile
      weather office for the month of July. The previous low total was 1.26 set
      way back in 1884. August 1925 saw only 1.27 inches fall. Despite the dry
      August the summer months of June July and August will go into the books as
      the 11th wettest with a 3 month total of 28.05 inches, the bulk of which
      fell during July with 18.52.
      FROM: The Weather Notebook

      **1963 September 10- 20 African American students enter public schools in Birmingham,
              Tuskegee and Mobile, Alabama, following a standoff between federal
              authorities and Governor George C. Wallace.

      1963 September 9- Alabama Governor George Wallace is served a federal injunction when
              he orders state police to bar African American students from
              enrolling in white schools.

      1957 September 9- Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth is mobbed when he attempts to enroll his
              daughters in a "white" Birmingham school.

      1934 September 9- Sonia Sanchez is born in Birmingham, Alabama.  She will become
              a noted poet, playwright, short story writer, and author of
              children's books.  She will be most noted for her poetry
              volumes "We a BaddDDD People", "A Blues Book for Blue Black
              Magical Women", and anthologies she will edit including "We
              Be Word Sorcerers: 25 Stories by Black Americans."

      1940 September 8- Willie Tyler is born in Red Level, Alabama.  He will become a
            well known ventriloquist along with his wooden partner, Lester.

      1973 September 8- Hank Aaron sets the record for most Home Runs in 1 league (709).
      FROM: Today in Black History
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      **This 'Serpent's Kiss' packs a chilling bite
      Enjoyable thriller sets its conclusion on Sand Mountain
      Huntsville Times 31 August 2003

      **1919 August 25: George C. Wallace, former Alabama Goveror and Pres. candidate(D), is born.
      FROM: Poor Gabriel's Almanac poorgabriel@...

      **1984 August 25: Truman Capote died.

      **Bonus Links
      **Some Civil War Soldiers buried in Walker County Alabama/ Based on the 1907 Pensions Record for Walker County

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