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FW: ADAH Government Records Division cataloging

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  • A.J. Wright
    fyi...latest report from Dr. Breedlove at the Alabama Dept of Archives and History, Gov Rec Div...aj wright // ajwright@uab.edu ... From: Mike Breedlove
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      fyi...latest report from Dr. Breedlove at the Alabama Dept of Archives and
      History, Gov Rec Div...aj wright // ajwright@...

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      From: Mike Breedlove [mailto:MBreedlo@...]
      Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 3:20 PM
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      Subject: ADAH Government Records Division cataloging

      Please feel free to post this to the Alabama History list.

      During the past quarter from April through June the ADAH Government Records
      Division has been busily cataloging and updating numerous government records
      series to make them more accessible. Gubernatorial records remain a top
      priority. Gubernatorial series cataloged include: Governor (1999-2003:
      Siegelman), Photographs, 1999-2003, six (6) cubic ft.; Videotapes,
      1998-2003, fifty seven (57) cubic ft.; Transition files, 1998-1999, thirteen
      (13) cubic ft.; and Governor (1995-1999 : James). Subject files of the Chief
      of Staff, 1993-1999, thirty eight (38) cubic ft.; Subject files of the Press
      Office, 1980-1999, eighteen (18) cubic ft.; Subject files of the Legal
      Office, 1993-1998, thirty four (34) cubic ft.; Subject files on education,
      1994-1999, one (1) cubic ft.; Correspondence files of the Office of Legal
      Affairs, 1995-1998, six (6) cubic ft.; Correspondence files of the Office of
      Constituent Affairs, 1995-1999, eighty one (81) cubic ft.; Subject files,
      1994-1998, thirteen (13) cubic ft.

      Other series cataloged include the Department of Education. Correspondence
      of the Rural School Agent, 1913-1922, twenty five (25) cubic ft.; Supreme
      Court. Sixth Division. Albert Fuller aka Albert Frederick Fuller aka Albert
      F. Fuller v State of Alabama, four (4) volumes, 1958-1959, SG006120, reels 1
      and 2, one tenth (0.1) cubic ft. that relate to the Birmingham Sixteenth
      Street Church bombing; Morgan County (Ala.) County records, 1750-1997, 308
      microfilm reels, six (6) cubic ft.; Cullman County (Ala.) Probate Judge.
      Probate records, 1874-1938, five (5) reels, two tenths (0.2) cubic ft.;
      Attorney General's Office Subject files, 1983-1991, thirty (30) cubic ft.,
      and Campaign for Governor of Alabama by Don Siegelman, 1989-1990, thirty
      three (33) cubic ft.; Legislature. House of Representatives. Correspondence
      of the Clerk of the House, 1977-1997, one (1) cubic ft.; Legislature. Still
      photographs, 1971-1978, 1 cubic ft.; Regional Planning and Development
      Commissions. Title: State publications, 1988 - [ongoing]. one (1) cubic ft.;
      and Secretary of State. Campaign for the U.S. Senate by Don Siegelman,
      1985-1986, five (5) cubic ft.; Crime Victims Compensation Commission.
      Meeting minutes, 1984 - [ongoing.] two tenths (0.2) cubic ft.; Social
      Workers Examiners Board. Meeting minutes, 1989-1998, one tenth (0.1) cubic
      ft.; Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board. Meeting minutes, 2002, one
      tenth (0.1) cubic ft., and State publications, 1988 - [ongoing.] six (6)
      cubic ft.
      Some series already cataloged were significantly updated, including:
      Attorney General's Office. Correspondence, 1889 - [ongoing]. 174 cubic ft.;
      Secretary of State. Bills and resolutions, 1820 - [ongoing], 955.5 cubic
      ft.; Secession Convention (1861). State publications, 1861, one tenth (0.1)
      cubic ft., modified to include the microfilm, SG024885, reel 25; Cherokee
      County (Ala.) County records, 1882-1964, eighty seven (87) reels, 1882-1964,
      RLIN record ALAV92-A351, Voyager record, 8079, to add sixty seven (67) reels
      of microfilm from numerous series in the Chancery Court, Circuit Court,
      Probate Judge, Public Library, Board of Registrars, and Tax Assessor, and
      Autauga County (Ala.) Probate Judge. Probate records, 1819-1946, 111 reels,
      RLIN number ALAV90-A671, Voyager record 6610, to add fifty eight (58) reels
      of estate records, 1850-1912, Henry County (Ala.) County records, microform,
      1820-1950, 114 microfilm reels, to add an accretion of sixty (60) reels, all
      filmed by Genealogical Society of Utah; Secretary of State. Committee files
      of the Legislature, 1841 - [ongoing.] 128.5 cubic ft., to add accession
      2003.137, three (3) cubic ft.; Alabama. Medicaid Agency. Office of General
      Counsel, Legal case files, 1970-[ongoing], nineteen (19) cubic ft., to add
      accession number 1992.425, eighteen (18) cubic ft.; Secretary of State.
      Administrative correspondence, 1895 - [ongoing], (and a gap from 1918-1978)
      eighty four and a half (84.5) cubic ft., accession number 1995.362, RLIN
      number ALAV95-A121, Voyager record 9289, to add accession 2003.143,
      1979-1987, sixteen (16) cubic ft.; Examiners of Public Accounts. Audit
      report file copies, 1844-[ongoing], 841.5 cubic ft., RLIN number
      ALAV88-A379, Voyager record 2727, to add the contents of accession number
      2003.145, 1978-1998, eleven (11) cubic ft.; Governor (1999-2003 :
      Siegelman). Clipping files, 1960-2003, one hundred twenty eight (128) cubic
      ft., to include two accessions: 2003.089, 1960-2003, eight (8) cubic ft.,
      and 2003.094, 1999-2003, all numerically coded, fifteen (15) cubic ft.

      Michael A. Breedlove, Ph.D.
      Government Records Division
      624 Washington Avenue
      P. O. Box 300100
      Montgomery, AL 36130-0100
      334-242-4452 x238
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