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      The University of Alabama Press is pleased to announce the publication of
      Creek: A Pensacola Culture Site in South Alabama_, edited by Ian W. Brown
      with a foreword by David S. Brose. This is the first comprehensive study
      and analysis
      of the most important Mississippian mound site on the north-central Gulf

      Consisting of 18 earthen mounds and numerous additional habitation areas
      dating to
      A.D. 1250-1550, the Bottle Creek site was first professionally investigated
      in 1932
      when David L. DeJarnette of the Alabama Museum of Natural History began
      there to determine if the site had a cultural relationship with Moundville,
      connected to
      the north by a river system. Although partially mapped in the 1880s, Bottle
      location in the vast Mobile-Tensaw Delta of Baldwin County completely
      by swamp made it inaccessible and protected it from most of the plunder
      experienced by similar sites in the Southeast.

      This volume builds on earlier investigations to present extensive recent
      data from
      major excavations conducted from 1991 to 1994 and supported in part by an
      grant. Ten anthropologists examine various aspects of the site, including
      architecture, prehistoric diet, pottery classification, vessel forms,
      textiles used to
      make pottery impressions, a microlithic stone tool industry, water travel,
      persistence of mound use into historic times, and the position of Bottle
      Creek in the
      protohistoric world.

      Cameron Wesson, University of Illinois at Chicago, writes, "A valuable
      contribution to
      understanding the social, political, and ritual life of people in the late
      Gulf Coast, this volume presents the most important archaeological sites in

      The site is concluded to be the best remaining example of Pensacaola
      culture, an
      archaeological variant of the widespread Mississippian tradition identified
      by a shell-
      tempered pottery complex and by its geographic association with the
      coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Occupied for three centuries by a thriving
      native culture,
      Bottle Creek is an important remnant of North American peoples and as such
      designated a National Historic Landmark. This published compilation of the
      data should establish a base for future scholarly investigation and

      Ian W. Brown is Professor of Anthropology at The University of Alabama and
      of Gulf Coast Archaeology at the Alabama Museum of Natural History. He has
      numerous publications, including _Decorated Pottery of the Lower
      MIssissippi Valley:
      A Sorting Manual_. David S. Brose is Director of the Schiele Museum of
      History in North Carolina and coeditor of _The Northwest Florida
      Expeditions of
      Clarence Bloomfield Moore_ and _Societies in Eclipse_.

      _Bottle Creek_
      368 pages, 83 illustrations
      6 1/8 x 9 1/4
      ISBN 0-8173-1220-X
      $37.50s paper
      ISBN 0-8173-1219-6
      $65.00s cloth
      Publication Date: May 6, 2003

      For orders: The University of Alabama Press, Chicago Distribution Center,
      11030 S.
      Langley, Chicago, Illinois 60628, (773) 568-1550 - phone, or (773) 660-2235
      - fax.

      For review copies or more information, contact The University of Alabama
      Box 870380, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0380, (205) 348-9534

      Contact: Priscilla J. McWilliams
      (205) 348-9534 - phone
      (205) 348-9201 - fax
      Jessica Lowther
      Marketing - Exhibits & Direct Mail
      Phone: (205) 348-1566
      Fax: (205) 348-9201
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