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FW: [AlabamaFolklife] Articles and other materials needed for "Tr ibutaries"

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      To the List:
      I hope you will consider contributing an article, research note, or review
      for Volume 7 of Tributaries, the Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association
      (2004). So far, we have an article or two in development for next year. We
      could use at least two more. For content, we cast a broad inclusive net
      over Alabama folk cultural topics. There will also be several book and
      recording reviews. If you do not want to submit an article, but are willing
      to write a short review, please let me know.

      I would like to have submissions by October l. Articles should be from 3500
      to 7000 words in length but we are open to the needs of the author. We
      eventually use Microsoft Word, but can convert other programs. If you can,
      submit 3 or more black and white photos per article. For notation, please
      use the style guide for the Journal of American Folklore (I can send this
      upon request).

      Please contact me if you think you might want to contribute.
      Volume 6 is at the printer. Articles will include a profile of "FolkCenter
      South" a publicly-funded fieldwork project and festival from the 1970s
      written by Jim Brown with photos by Mark Gooch, an article on family
      reunions by Stephen and Samantha Criswell, a profile of National Heritage
      Award winner Mozell Benson by Joyce Cauthen and Anne Kimzey and an article
      on documenting historic Indian and Pioneer roads by Lamar Marshall. There
      will be six product reviews including the various offshoots of the Quilts of
      Gees Bend exhibit.
      Tributaries is a benefit of membership in the Alabama Folklife Association

      Joey Brackner
      Alabama Folklife Program
      Alabama State Council on the Arts
      201 Monroe Street
      Montgomery, AL 36104
      334-242-4076, x-225
      FAX: 334-240-3269

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